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I’m delighted to welcome a special guest today, my fellow author at Champagne Book Group, January Bain. She’s here to tell us about her upcoming release Forever Woman, book two in her Forever Series. But first, let’s learn some fun facts about January.

author photo: January Bain

How long have you been writing?   I’d guess I’ve been preparing to write all my life from the time my mother read to me as a small child (a chapter a night), to the day I found a primer at the age of six on the roadside and taught myself to read, to writing reams of poetry as a teenager to penning my first attempt at a story at about the same time. I’m thoroughly addicted and not ashamed to admit it! Others have vices that damage themselves and others, but I just like to squirrel away words that create paragraphs, that create scenes that make a movie in my head. The fact that others want to share in the worlds I create is amazing to me and will always be.

What’s on your bookshelf and/or in your To Be Read pile?   Just finished Rita Bay’s gem of a novella, Into The Lyons’ Den and am currently reading Jude Johnson’s Dragon’s Legacy that has me spellbound.

Do you have a favorite author?   Growing up it was Stephen King. Loved his way of taking over in his novels. Now I have so many from having been an avid reader all my life that it would be unfair to mention any names because I’m sure to miss one!

If the Earth was about to be destroyed to make way for a Hyperspace Bypass (Hello, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and you have mere minutes to vacate, what book would you grab to take with you? In addition to your towel, of course.   My e-reader because I never go anywhere without it!!!

Favorite food:   I’m always on a diet losing and gaining the same darn five pounds! When I’m on the upswing it’s Lay’s potato chips but I still find I count each one and add up the carbs and calories in my head. I guess it’s a form of mind control because otherwise I’d eat the whole darn bag!

Favorite color:   Depends on my mood. Right now it’s blue/green as we’ve been painting our home that shade that seems to bring the world inside. We are lucky, my husband Don and I, we live on twenty acres of Jackpine with great neighbours!

Favorite music:   Music almost always makes me cry so I stay away from it most of the time.

Favorite supernatural creature?   That’s tossup between Angel-Fae and Dragons!

Favorite TV show?   I like TV way too much! It’s a dead heat between Deadwood, Justified, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Dexter. I always re-watch the full Deadwood series at least once a year. Too bad they only made three seasons because it was so well done! Justified is probably my current favorite.

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate?   Dark, dark, dark! (Sugar doesn’t agree with me that much and think if you live like a diabetic you might not become one.)

Vampires or werewolves?   Vampires!

Sexy demons or sexy angels?   Sexy Angels because I know them better!

Dragons or witches?   Let There Be Dragons…

Forever Woman book cover

Tell us about your novel.   Well, this summer I’ve been sharing my first release, Forever Man, but I’d really like to talk about Forever Woman, the next book in the Forever Series.

Writing Forever Woman was the kind of experience I can only wish all humans (and especially writers, of course!) could experience at some special time of their lives. I found my full writing voice on this magical journey, discovered the richness of an alternate world, and, I won’t hesitant to say, began to envy vampires! What’s not to like You can to stay young and beautiful forever if you get to be made young; you can acquire great wealth with the full gift of time, you can recover easily from wounds that would smite down a human, and maybe best of all, you get to live with the love of your life forever—that is if you can find them!

That has been Christopher St. John’s, the antagonist’s problem in the novel, as he has lost his mate to betrayal and looks to find another. Well, you can’t just take another man’s love! But he tries and all hell breaks loose. Aidan Hightower, our hero, has his hands full trying to save his love, Winter Kennedy from herself as she has invited Christopher, the head of the Pharaoh Clan to make her a vampire. She has a good reason, but she changes her mind, a woman’s prerogative which the alpha vampire does not take kindly to at all!

I’ll leave it at that! Forever Woman is due out October 1, from Champagne Books.

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