Tranquilli Bloodline Series

Urban Fantasy



A vampire series starring Carina (aka “Rina”), the youngest member of the Tranquilli family. These stories contain high-heat romance and abundant action and are intended for a mature, 18+ audience.

Book 1: HAVEN
Release date: July 2013
From: Champagne Books

“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a witch invading my house and throwing a stinky potion at my head. And on my birthday no less.”

San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli works hard, plays hard, and never allows the death of her parents and her twelve-year memory gap to get her down. But her life takes a left turn when a witch attacks her on her twenty-fifth birthday.

MERIT AWARD, Best First Book, 2014 Holt Medallion
FINALIST, 2011 Launching a Star contest
FINALIST, 2012 Colorado Gold contest

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DESTINY by Celia Breslin, Book cover
Release date: November 2014
From: Champagne Books

Carina survives a vicious attack by her family’s enemies. While she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, her new enemy resurfaces and kidnaps her best friends. To save them, Rina must comply with his unusual demands — drink nine vials of blood in nine days or her friends die a slow, gruesome death. And she must tell no one.

“My day moved from ordinary to interesting when the deliveryman handed me a box that smelled of blood.”

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ORIGINS Book cover
Release date: October 2019
From: Champagne Books

En route to reunite with her estranged father in Italy, Carina is kidnapped by a human organization intent on vampire genocide. Beaten, starved, and forced to fight fellow captives, she finally manages to escape. Along the way, she encounters the group’s leaders—their identities shock her to the core.

Once home, Carina warns her family of this new threat, but dear old dad is missing. In his absence, the Tribunal, the governing body for all vampirekind, lies in disarray, with an old enemy making a bid for her father’s throne. What’s worse? The usurper wants her for his queen…and slave.

With a human-vampire war looming on one side and a vampire-vampire battle brewing on the other, Carina will have to rally her troops, take back the throne, and fulfill her destiny as the Chosen One. If not, her whole world will fall, taking everyone she loves with it.

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Vampire Code Book cover
Prequel: VAMPIRE CODE – (Free Read)
Release date: October 2013
From: Champagne Books

Clothed in darkness and power, Jonas watches Carina from the periphery of her life. With all that he is, he secretly protects his young charge from harm. Only three months remain in the twelve-year prohibition forbidding contact with his little warrior when he fails.

Abducted from her dance club, Carina suffers a vicious attack by a newly-turned vampire. Jonas’s retribution for the lowly spawn’s code violation is swift and brutal, and merely the beginning of his vengeance. Fineas, the uninitiated newling’s maker, has committed the greater offense. And Jonas intends to make him suffer.

I am The Executioner, the slayer, the ruthless hand of justice. Code Breakers beware.

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