Book Review: Writing Scary Scenes

Must-Have Reference for Genre Writers

Book Cover Writing Scary Scenes is another excellent offering from author, teacher, and master craftswoman Rayne Hall. Recommended for writers of many genres (romance, mystery, suspense, horror), this concise reference book covers every possible aspect for creating skin crawling, heart racing moments in your story.

Numerous examples are included to spark the writer’s imagination. Rayne also supplies an extensive list of euphonics – words for every mood or situation (fear, apprehension, fights, foreboding, etc.), useful when editing weak words from your manuscript.

Last but not least, Rayne offers up three of her own short stories, all great reads, and shining examples of her techniques at work. This reference is a must-have addition to the writer’s craft library.

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Also recommended: Rayne’s Writing Fight Scenes.

Rayne Hall caricature by Kuoke Rayne Hall is a professional writer and editor. She teaches online workshops for intermediate, advanced and professional level writers.

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Author portrait (Woman in Blue) by Kuoke. Copyright Rayne Hall.

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