2017 Planner Blog Hop 12/1 – 12/15

2017 Planner Hop, December 1 to 15

Hi Everyone!

Happy holidays, and welcome to the Planner Blog Hop!

Several bloggers are participating in the hop, with fun planning-related info and tools, plus giveaways at some stops (including mine – see below). So, if you like planners, journals, making lists, and doodling all over these items (I sure do!), read on and join the fun!

Offline Tools

I love journals with interesting covers and take one everywhere I go. They’re perfect for long appointment waits, or for simply chilling in a café. Journals are a must-have for me, as inspiration seems to strike me when I’m out and about, so it’s nice to have a place to jot down story ideas!

photo of my journals

I also like planners that have space for lists and doodling. For 2017 I used a “bloom” daily planner. The cover (front and back) has pockets for storing loose papers, such as receipts, cards, postcards, etc., and two different calendar views (for writing and/or doodling). The size makes it easy to slip into a bag and bring along anywhere.

Online Tools

I make lists on my tech using Notes and Reminders. These are handy because you can share them with your family and involve them in your organizational schemes. I find this especially useful for the ever-fluctuating grocery list.

For “doodling”, or in this case finding and sharing art for inspiration, I like Pinterest and Instagram.

Celia’s U.S. Planner Hop Giveaway

photo of the Vintage Floral journal prezzie for giveaway - US residents only


Enter my rafflecopter giveaway (U.S. residents only) for a 2018 bloom planner: Passion/Goal Organizer – Monthly and Weekly Datebook and Calendar – January 2018 – December 2018 – 6″ x 8.25″ – Vintage Floral.

Celia’s Planner Hop Giveaway Begins 12:00AM PST, Friday, December 1, 2017 and Ends 12:00AM PST, Saturday, December 16, 2017. Celia’s e-book giveaway winner chosen by EOD Monday, December 18, 2017 via Rafflecopter/random.org, and announced here on the blog by EOD Tuesday, December 19, 2017. NOTE: the picture shows my 2017 Vintage Floral version. Winner receives 2018 version!

Winner: J. S. Whitehouse, congrats!

Keep Hopping!

Thank you to Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag for hosting this blog hop.

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Spotlight on Vikings: Torn Avenger by @LeaBronsen

Hello Dear Readers,
Fellow Decadent Publishing author Lea Bronsen is here today with a sizzling m/m romance. Read on for info and an excerpt, plus a sneak peek at another recently released menage goodie from Lea.

From Lea…

When asked what inspires me to write books, I usually say it’s something I’ve seen or heard, or I’ve been challenged to dig deeply into my imagination and come up with a crazy idea. This time, it was a premade cover. The moment I saw this dark, sensual, slightly homo erotic image of a half-naked man in a fur coat on an exquisitely colored background, I knew it had to be mine. I decided in which historical period to set the story – the obscure, mythical age of the Vikings – and the ensuing process plunged me into an exciting and not so foreign world where everyday heroes lived the same dramas and battled for the same values and desires as we do in modern society. I hope you enjoy the read!


Torn Avenger_banner


As the second son of a Viking earl, Alv Gunnulfsen wasn’t meant to inherit a throne or avenge a murder. But when his brother is slain during a raid and their father dies of grief, Alv is expected to take command and claim the killer’s death. In a world of ruthless retaliation and strict social codes, he must also maneuver cleverly to protect a troublesome secret: his attraction for men.

Roeland van Dijk, a wealthy Dutch merchant settled in Norway, has done the unthinkable to protect his family — hacked off the head of a Viking rapist. The wrath of the blond savages will cost him his freedom, and possibly his own head… Unless he’s willing to accept the love of another man.


Available from

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Torn Avenger_cover


18+ Excerpt

After a moment, Alv looked up again and almost gasped from the erotic vision in front of him. While shaving Roeland, he’d only seen his wet, hairy chest and stomach, but the handsome man moved to a kneeling position in the basin and washed his lower body. His stunning maleness made Alv hot and bothered. They had discussed, argued, shared personal details, and apologized to each other, but now, the seriousness of their conversation faded. The sight of Roeland’s cock bathing in white foam between his legs had Alv’s own cock jolt and press painfully against his pants.

Oh, Roeland attracted him on several levels—mental, emotional, and physical—and Alv longed to discover and develop more of everything with him. Hedin was an exciting lover, but nothing like what Roeland had the potential to be.

Speaking of Hedin, it’d been a surprise to see him again this morning, right after Elke left. He’d arrived in a terrible mood and refused to excuse his disappearance act. It was outrageous of a slave to come and go like that, but Alv had too much on his mind to think of punishing him.

For one, he worried about Roeland’s future. He’d inherited part of Father’s wealth, but not his title. After returning to Eðni, he’d claimed to be the only one who could decide of what to do with his brother’s murderer, but it wasn’t true. He had no standing, no support from his fellow citizens. They could choose to kill Roeland if they wanted to—all it took was a word from Mother. It made her idea to have Alv marry Elke and adopt the community’s natural heir that much more important to push through.

“There’s something we need to talk about,” he said, hoping Roeland wouldn’t oppose to the plan.


“Normally, I would ask you, but since you’re not in a position to make decisions, I’m just going to tell you.”

“About what?” Roeland frowned.

“I’m marrying your sister.”

Roeland stood so fast in the basin, water splashed to all sides. He stepped out and leaned into Alv’s face. “Don’t you dare to touch her!”

“But I’m not…”

“Hasn’t she suffered enough?” Roeland bellowed, his dark eyes slit with anger.

By Thor, he was insanely sexy, standing naked and wet, so near Alv could feel his damp bodily heat, water drippling from his hair and rolling alongside his tanned, chiseled cheeks. Alv couldn’t help hardening more, and needed to focus on the words that came out of Roeland’s luscious mouth to be able to answer. “She has already accepted.”


Lea Bronsen

About Lea

Lea Bronsen likes her reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strives to give her own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with her debut novel Wild Hearted, she divides her writing time between psychological thriller, romantic suspense, and dark erotic romance.

For more information about Lea Bronsen

Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Pinterest


* * *


Released Oct. 20

A dark erotic crime ménage by Lea Bronsen

If you like your men dangerous and dirty…


The Audition_cover


Ruthless drug lord Ricardo “El Loco” Ferrer launders his black money by investing in movie productions. As a teen, he learned to enjoy blow jobs in jail. Now a man of power, his favorite pastime is checking out new acting talent…and convincing them to “please” the team of producers.

Young wannabe actor Jaden Moore comes to a shady side of town to audition for a movie part. He longs to shine, wants to walk the red carpet with cameras flashing and a crowd cheering. He assures the film director and the investors he’ll do anything to reach the top, but is he willing to comply with their dirty fantasies?


Available at:

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Bewitching Book Tours Halloween: Haunting Savannah

Happy Halloween Month, Dear Readers!

The spectacular Bewitching Book Tours Halloween event continues its fabulous roll, with many authors and prezzies ($50 Powell’s City of Books Gift Card, Amazon gift cards, books, swag, and prize packs). Please enjoy this spotlight on a spooky anthology by several awesome authors. Be sure to enter the event’s giveaway, too (details and link below). Enjoy!

Bewitching Book Tours Halloween Event graphic

Haunting Savannah by multiple authors cover Title: Haunting Savannah

Authors: Lia Davis, Kerry Adrienne,
Deena Remiel, Ella Jade, Evelyn Lederman, Savannah Vera, H.R. Boldwood, Kim Carmichael, and ML Guida

Genre: paranormal, romantic horror
Publisher: After Glows Publishing
Date of Publication: 10/10/17
ISBN: 978-1-944060-93-0

Spend Halloween in Savannah with eight dark, seductive tales of ghosts, vampires, demons, witches, and warlocks.

Nine bestselling authors come together in this collection of eight BRAND NEW, Halloween themed novellas.

Available at Amazon.com

A look inside…

Ghost in a Bottle by Lia Davis and Kerry Adrienne
Anatoli La Croix has spent the last century cursed to exist in spirit form, locked inside a glass jar. When the beautiful and magickal Ophelia purchases the jar, he discovers he’s able to escape his confinement for short periods. For the first time in a century, he has hope. Could the beautiful witch be the one to break his curse? Or will she provoke the evil spirit that imprisoned him and bring dark magick’s wrath down on them both?
Lia’s Website: https://authorliadavis.com/
Lia’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/novelsbylia/
Lia’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/novelsbylia
Kerry’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkerryadrienne/
Kerry’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/kerryadrienne
Kerry’s Website: http://kerryadrienne.com/

Forbidden Union by Deena Remiel
It’s Halloween in Savannah. Noah Blackman has come to Savannah, Georgia and Violet Adams’ home seeking to verify the origins of his family.  Could his roots begin with a runaway slave? This trip holds many surprises for the two as their family’s pasts collide and their present charts a course for romance and lasting love.
Website: http://www.deenaremiel.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/deenaremielauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/deenaremiel
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/dremiel
Instagram: https://instagram.com/deenaremiel/
Newsletter Sign-up: https://goo.gl/VAFa6z

True Companions by Ella Jade
Maxim and Grant have been lovers for a century. Companions in the truest sense. What happens when a human woman shares their home and their bed? Can two destined souls open their hearts to a third?
Newsletter – http://eepurl.com/cCYYon
FB – https://www.facebook.com/ellajadeauthor/
Readers’ Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/166504183500570/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ellajade1

The Ultimate Act of Love by Evelyn Lederman
The last thing Kori Daniels expected to see on a ghost tour is an actual apparition. Although she can feel earth-bound spirits, she has never seen one. Already impacted by nightly amorous dreams since arriving in Savannah, her dream lover now has a face.
Website: http://www.evelynlederman.com
Newsletter sign-up: http://eepurl.com/be9OJr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Evelyn.Lederman.author
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ELedermanAuthor

The Haunting of Bellehaven by H.R. Boldwood
Self-reliant Harper McKinnon arrives in Savannah to claim her inheritance, Bellehaven Plantation—a proud antebellum estate. But the estate’s handsome caretaker, Clay Montgomery, is used to doing things his way. Fireworks fly as they are drawn ever closer, but the plantation’s ghostly secrets threaten both their love and their lives.
Website: Www.hrboldwood.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HR-Boldwood-1058614790899653/
Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/H.-R.-Boldwood/e/B01LWY22MD/

The Promise by Kim Carmichael
A mistake brought a demon to her, a promise kept them bound together.  It is a thin line between desire and love and good and evil when an incubus enters Leora Desmond’s life.
Website: Www.kimcarmichaelnovels.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimcarmichaelnovels/
Twitter: @kimcarmichael4

Veil Break by Savannah Vera
Taken from the world he knows, to a place out of time, Holden Henry has a lot of questions when he is redeposited into his world, 150 years in the future. His Savannah isn’t the same anymore.
Website: www.savannahverte.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorsavannahverte
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/savannahverte
Mailing list: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/x7k4o0

A Pirate’s Mask by ML Guida
Dark secrets haunt the Pirate’s House Inn in Savannah, Georgia.Rosalind Gill’s stepfather is the culprit. He’s forcing her to remain silent and marry his evil partner or die. Her only hope is Phearson MacFie-a vampire pirate from another time. They must work together to not only save the innocent, but save themselves and discover true love.
Website: www.mlguida.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MLGuidaauthor
Twitter: @mlguida2
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/6ICXv

Haunting Savannah / Bewitching Book Tour Giveaway

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Bewitching Book Tours Halloween: Secret of Souls by Aubrie Nixon

Happy Halloween Month, Dear Readers!

The spectacular Bewitching Book Tours Halloween event continues, with many authors and prezzies, including a $50 Powell’s City of Books Gift Card from Night Owl Reviews, Amazon gift cards, books, swag, and prize packs. Please enjoy this spotlight on a Fall release and a flash fiction story from author Aubrie Nixon. Be sure to enter the event’s giveaway, too (details and link below). Enjoy!

Bewitching Book Tours Halloween Event, Secret of Souls by Aubrie Nixon

Secret of Souls by Aubrie Nixon cover Title: Secret of Souls
Series: Age of Endings, Book 1
Author: Aubrie Nixon
Genre: New Adult fantasy
Publisher: Winterwolf Press
Date of Publication: September 25, 2017
ISBN: 978-0988585157
# of Pages: 250
Word Count: 79,000
Cover Artist: Laura C. Cantu and Andreea Vraciu

The Empire of Lucent has stood for centuries as a beacon of strength and light. But now an otherworldly realm has unleashed an army of nightmarish creatures upon the peaceful empire, spreading a lethal plague called The Decay which consumes its victims mercilessly from the inside out.

The king of the Empire of Lucent calls upon “Lady of Death” Zephera Travelle—an infamous assassin with a weakness for braided cinnamon bread and a striking aptitude for murder and mayhem. He sends her on an impossible quest to find the one person who can concoct a cure and save the realm from total annihilation.

Together with her best friend Zadkiel, mage extraordinaire Brenner, girly city-guard Oriana, and broody warrior Daegan, she embarks on a journey that will test her wits, will, and sanity. Along the way, she discovers that no one—and nothing—is as it seems, including herself.

Amazon | B&N | GoodReads

Halloween Flash Fiction, by Aubrie Nixon

The feeling the Iter gives me is unique. I have tried other drugs, of course, but the Iter is specific with its high. I see things that are unexplainable, things that any sane person would call disgusting. But since I am not sane, I continue to crave the dark and disturbing visions that the Iter gives me.

Some of us don’t survive the Iter. You die flying on a cloud of pure bliss as you fade into oblivion. Those of us who survive our first encounter are treated like kings and queens. We are rich beyond measure and could have anything we could ever dream of. Riches, cars, clothes, mansions, fame–anything we want, it is ours. It is the least they can offer us. But, after having the Iter, we want nothing but to feel the release and music it brings. We are the Iter’s muses, and we need it as much as it needs us. We are one.

I lie there with black leather pants and a dark lacy bra on. My hair is done in an elegant bun, and I have been painted with enough makeup that I might rival them for their beauty. I cannot feel anything from the neck down. All of the feeling in my body is gone. But for the time being, I can see things as they do. The world is brighter. The colors I can see are vast–more than any human brain can even begin to fathom. The first time I tried the Iter I wanted to cry at the beauty that surrounded me. But of course I couldn’t. I have no control of my body. I can do nothing but stare at the lovely room, and them.

The room is a garden in a large greenhouse near campus. The grassy ground is the most lovely shade of pure emerald green. I can see dew drops on the flower petals that surround me. I lie on a bed of fresh, blood-red roses on a table in the middle of the garden. The trees are of varying heights and colors. Pinks and reds, shades that I dream about when I am not here. The night sky is a dark purple, and the stars shine brighter than even the sun.

The mirror on the ceiling shows me the scars on my pale skin. They are of varying colors and age. The ones that mark my stomach are many sizes for different organs. I watch as they place plates and trays around my body, filled with bloodied meats and liquids. I am the main event tonight, the center of everyone’s attention. Therefore, my table is the most exquisite. I watch as the masked ones bring in the guests. They are the Elite, the powerful ones. They have paid more money than I could ever accumulate in a lifetime to be here. They are here to see me, to be able to be next to me. It is the highest honor to be the main event.

The music starts as the Iter takes hold, and I become its puppet. I am surrounded by a dozen of them. They are dressed in finery and expensive jewels. They whisper excitedly as they take in the spread on of the table, and their eyes rake over me hungrily. The chef welcomes them and introduces me: Elana Arravey, 20, of Norse descent. Diet: Sparkling water, strawberries, pineapples, and low protein. The crowd applauds excitedly. The chef murmurs a few words in their language, and then she cuts into me. Blood trickles down my chest as she cuts open my skin. Servants catch my blood in champagne flutes, and pass it out to the ravenous crowd. I feel the chef’s hand inside of my chest, as she reaches inside me, through my sternum, and grabs my heart. I watch as she pulls it from my chest. It pulses with life, blood squirting from the valves, painting the chef’s pale, white hand like fondue. It’s beautiful. She places my heart in a bowl.

The bidding starts at 1 million. I watch in the mirror as the heart is bid on by the room. The pulsing never stops, filling the bowl with my blood. The crowd grows frenzied as the bidding war continues. 2 million, 3, 4, 5 million. We are down to three guests left bidding. 6, 7, 8 million. Two guests. 9, 9.5, 10 million. Going once, twice, three times, sold!

My heart, sold for 10 million dollars. A hush goes over the room. It is rare that a heart goes for 10 million dollars, but it is the first time this organ has been touched. It is a trophy to take someone’s heart for the first time. The one that gets to taste my heart comes to claim his prize. I wish I could see him. I hear the crowd murmur their excitement as the chef takes the bowl from the servers and places my heart on a silver platter. I can hear him lick his lips as he reaches for my heart. I smile as he licks it, the blood dripping from his mouth. Just a taste.

It is over in mere seconds, as the chef whispers words in their language again and places my heart back into my chest. She positions her fingers over my wound, and my flesh magically closes. She motions for the servers to carry me away, into the kitchens. I want to cry out because I know my time on the Iter is coming to an end. My legs start to tingle as it wears off, and before I can ask for more, my world goes dark.

I awake in my bedroom, the alarm blaring like a foghorn. I open my eyes, everything around me blurry from the sleep in my eyes. I sigh as I sit up slowly and place my feet on the cold floor. My body is numb except for the dull ache in my chest. I smile at the pain, and start the shower.

About the Author

Aubrie plays mom to the cutest demon topside. When she isn’t writing she is daydreaming about hot brooding anti-heroes and sassy heroines. She loves Dragon Age, Game of Thrones and reading all things fantasy. She runs a local YA/NA bookclub with 3 chapters, and over 200 members. If she could have dinner with anyone living or dead it would be Alan Rickman because his voice is the sexiest sound on earth. He could read the dictionary and she would be enthralled. Her current mission in life is to collect creepy taxidermy animals because she finds them cute and hilarious. She resides just outside of Washington DC.

Connect with Aubrie at:
Facebook | Twitter | Web site | GoodReads

SECRET OF SOULS Bewitching Book Tour Giveaway

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Bewitching Book Tours Halloween: Evil’s Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow

Hi Everyone!

The Bewitching Book Tours fabulous Halloween event continues, with many authors and prezzies, including a $50 Powell’s City of Books Gift Card from Night Owl Reviews, Amazon gift cards, books, swag, and prize packs. Please enjoy this spotlight and excerpt from author Jenn Windrow, and be sure to enter the giveaway (details and link below). Cheers!

Evil’s Unlikely Assassin
An Alexis Black Novel
Book One
Jenn Windrow
Release: June 6, 2017
Genre  : Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing
ISBN: 1771279222
Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 80K
Cover Artist: Erica Petlit Designs
Tagline: Sometimes it takes evil to kill evil
Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission – to rejoin the human race.
Coerced into signing an ironclad contract by an Angel-with-attitude, Alexis must hunt down and assassinate at least one vampire, werewolf, or creepy crawly every night for fifty years to become human again. Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain, insatiable bloodlust, or her new I-hate-everything-with-fangs sidekick. If she can fulfill her end of the bargain, her humanity is restored, if not she will be destroyed.
But when a revenge-seeking bloodsucker threatens her city, Alexis must risk everything to ensure there’s a humanity to return to. Since her vampire nature is her greatest weapon to defeat the monsters that threaten her friends and future, Alexis must choose to accept her inner beast or watch those she loves die.
Amazon       BN       iBooks       Kobo      MuseIt Up     Goodreads

“Evil’s Unlikely Assassin is a promising urban fantasy debut that features all that’s great about the genre–action, attitude, and ass-kicking.” -Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author of The Sabina Kane and Prospero’s War series


Tonight’s job had me sitting in a shadowy corner of a dead-end dive watching the unfortunate, the hopeless, and the degenerate. Had I known this is how I’d be spending my one hundred and seventy-third birthday, I would have called in sick.
An aging cocktail waitress hustled to over-serve society’s misfits. An ex-con, a dealer, and an addict pissed their lives away at the far end of the bar. A trio of prostitutes circled the room, their knock-off stiletto’s clicking on the wooden
floor. And a single cockroach scurried for cover before being squashed.
How would the humans feel about me, the vampire, hiding in their shadows?
One of the battered bar stools toppled, throwing its occupant to the filthy concrete. The man, in a faded red and black flannel shirt, picked himself up off the floor. Dingy jeans slid down his hips, revealing a pair of boxers far past the expiration date for a wash. He bumped and weaved his way through the crowd, ignoring the spilled drinks and curses he left in his wake, and cut a crooked but determined path right to my table.
He collapsed into the booth next to me, blocking my only chance at escape. “How’s ’bout a drink?”
I wrinkled my nose at what had to be three days’ worth of sweat and grime, raised my bottle and sloshed the liquid from side to side. “Still nursing this one.” I focused on a faded picture of the Blues Brothers nailed to the wall and hoped he’d take
the hint. A sharp tap on my shoulder told me this guy was either clueless or didn’t give a shit. My money was on clueless.
“What’s your name, sexy?”
Oh how I wanted to ignore his question, but the last thing I needed was Mr. Drunk and Stupid to cause a scene and blow my cover. “Alexis.”
His grease-coated fingers played “Get the Buggy” up my arm. I slapped them away before they got past my elbow. “How’s ’bout we get to know each other better?”
He gave me a lopsided wink and ogled my breasts.
When he looked at me, he saw what every other human did, a twenty-three year old, petite brunette with large, light blue eyes. But if he leaned in close, he would see what lurked below the exterior, something sinister and scary, with sharp fangs
and a deadly personality.

About the Author

Jenn Windrow loves characters that have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims.
Jenn’s Urban Fantasy, EVIL’S UNLIKELY ASSASSIN won the RWA Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal (FF&P), “On The Far Side” writing contest in July 2014, top 5 in the RWA Desert Rose, “Realizing the Dream” writing contest, and finaled in the Houston Writers Guild annual writing contest in April 2014. It was also selected as first runner up in Writers Type’s First Chapter Contest in April 2013.
Her Paranormal Romance, STRUCK BY EROS placed first in the RWA’s Golden Pen Contest, third in the Ruby Slippered Sisterhoods Make it Golden contest, and fourth in the West Coast Romance Writers Beacon contest.


11 authors, 12 books and a whole lot of prizes including a $50 Powell’s City of Books Gift Card from Night Owl Reviews, Amazon gift cards, books, swag, and prize packs.

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Bewitching Book Tours Halloween: Spotlight on Flesh by Laura Bickle

Hello Dear Readers!

Bewitching Book Tours is hosting a fabulous Halloween event this month, with many authors and prezzies, including a $50 Powell’s City of Books Gift Card from Night Owl Reviews, Amazon gift cards, books, swag, and prize packs. Please enjoy this spotlight and excerpt from author Laura Bickle, and be sure to enter the giveaway (details and link below). Cheers!

Laura Bickle
Genre: YA Horror
Date of Publication: September 19, 2017
ISBN: 9781537857992
ASIN: B074XBJ697
Number of pages: 307
Word Count: 76,573
Cover Artist: Danielle Fine

Book Description:

The dead are easy to talk to. Live people, not so much.

Charlie Sulliven thinks she knows all the secrets of the dead. Raised in a funeral home, she’s the reluctant “Ghoul Girl,” her reputation tied to a disastrous Halloween party. But navigating her life as a high school sophomore is an anxiety-inducing puzzle to her. She haunts the funeral home with her parents, emo older brother, Garth, their pistol-packing Gramma, and the glass-eyeball-devouring dachshund, Lothar.

Chewed human bodies are appearing in her parents’ morgue…and disappearing in the middle of the night. The bodies seem tied to a local legend, Catfish Bob, who has resurfaced in the muddy Milburn river near Charlie’s small town. When one of Charlie’s classmates, Amanda, awakens in the cooler as a flesh-eating ghoul, Charlie must protect her newfound friend and step up to unravel the mystery…and try to avoid becoming lunch meat for the dead.

Pronoun          Amazon          iBooks
BN          Google Play      Kobo

“Amanda, I…Oh.”
            I don’t know what else to say. My brain just shuts down.
            She is wearing the sheet, wound around her like a toga. It trails behind her bare feet, sort of like a painting about Greek goddesses I’ve seen in art books. She’s leaning over another body stored in the cooler unit on a cart. Her back is to me, and I can only see her pale skin and her burgundy-black hair
            She turns at the sound of my voice, seeming only to hear me for the first time. Her face is covered in dark blood. In her hand, she’s holding a big chunk of purple flesh. Her eyes are half-closed. The autopsy incision on the elderly body below her has been ripped open, and I’m pretty sure that what she’s holding is a
            “So hungry…” she murmurs.
            I retreat until my back presses against the cold door. A whimper escapes my lips, and I drop the laundry basket with a sharp crack of plastic on the tile floor. This has to be a dream. A screwed-up anxiety dream that I’ll wake up from any moment now…
            Amanda’s black eyes snap open. She stares at the chunk of flesh in her hand. “I…Agh…What’s going on?”
            Lothar waddles over to her and begins to beg. Bile rises in my throat. “That’s Mrs. Canner,” I manage to answer. “She’s seventy-two and died of surgery complications for varicose veins. Deep vein thrombosis, I think. I don’t remember.” I’m babbling, trying to keep the bile down.
            Amanda drops the lung with a wet splat. The dog scrambles to it and begins scarfing it down. Her hands are trembling. She presses them to her temples. “I don’t understand. I don’t understand.”
            I nudge the laundry basket closer to her with my foot. “I brought you some clothes. And, um. Food. You should get dressed.”
            I think I should be afraid. I think I really ought to be. But Amanda seems genuinely confused. She reaches for the clothes I’ve brought her. To be polite, I know that I should really look away. But I can’t move. I am not turning my back on her. My heart pounds, and I struggle to take deep, uneven breaths.
            Amanda unwinds the sheet and slips into my clothes. Though I avert my eyes, I see that her shoulder and side are still torn open. But my mother hasn’t begun the autopsy yet, so there is no Y-incision across her chest and abdomen.
            “Do you remember what happened to you?” I manage to ask. I congratulate myself for having a rational thought. Woot.
            Her voice is halting, and her brow wrinkles as she struggles to button my jeans. “I remember…something was chasing me. Jesus, it hurt…” Her hand comes up to her neck, and she seems to remember, fingering the edges of the wound. “Am I in a hospital?” she asks again.
            I suck in a breath. “No. You’re at my house.” It’s not a lie. Not really.
            She scans the room, as if registering the sight of the cadavers. “You’re the girl whose parents run the funeral home. The Ghoul Girl.”
            “It’s gonna be okay,” I tell her.
            “Why am I here?” Her breath makes ghosts in the cold air.
            “The Sheriff found you, alongside the road.” That’s true also, even if not the whole truth. “I think we should get you upstairs, so you can talk to my parents…”
            She shakes her head, and her dark hair slaps across her face. “No. I…Oh my god. I’m here because…somebody thought I was dead?”
            I swallow hard. “Yeah.”

About the Author:
Laura Bickle grew up in rural Ohio, reading entirely too many comic books out loud to her favorite Wonder Woman doll. After graduating with an MA in Sociology – Criminology from Ohio State University and an MLIS in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she patrolled the stacks at the public library and worked with data systems in criminal justice. She now dreams up stories about the monsters under the stairs, also writing contemporary fantasy novels under the name Alayna Williams.
The latest details on her work are available at:
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Spotlight on Paranormal #Romance: Immortally Yours by @LynsaySands

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s time for some paranormal romance goodness, brought to you by author Lynsay Sands. Please enjoy this spotlight and excerpt from her new release, and be sure to enter her book tour giveaway (details and link below). Cheers!

Bewitching Book Tour, Immortally Yours by Lynsay Sands book cover

Title: Immortally Yours
Author: Lynsay Sands
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Date of Publication: 9/26/2017
ISBN: 9780062468956
ISBN: 0062468952
# of Pages: 400

Irresistible chemistry and thrilling suspense combine in this electrifying new installment in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau series

One hundred and twenty-five years is a long time to nurse a crush. That’s how long it’s been since Beth Argenis first met Cullen “Scotty” MacDonald, and he instantly became the star of her most X-rated dreams. Back then, he was rescuing her from a Rogue Immortal. Now Beth’s a Rogue Hunter—a damn good one. She doesn’t need saving anymore, despite what Scotty thinks. What she does need is the fierce, wild desire that finally erupts between them.

Scotty has hesitated to claim Beth as his own. But one explosive kiss confirms what he’s long suspected: She’s his life mate. But Beth is tough, fearless, beautiful…and in immortal danger. Unless he wants to lose her forever, he’ll have to rethink everything he once believed about love and destiny as well as confront an enemy who’s terrifyingly close.

Amazon | B&N | IndieBound

Excerpt – Chapter One

“Tybo, it’s time to move,” Beth said into her headset as she watched the garage door drop closed.

“And thank God for that. We’ve been camping out here all night in the cold and mud. I’m done in,” came the complaint over the headset.

“We all are,” Beth said grimly. “So quit your bitchin’ and move into position or I’ll come find you and kick your arse.”

“God, Beth, I love how your accent comes out when you’re annoyed. It’s so Eliza Doolittle.” Tybo’s voice was smooth and full of laughter this time. It made her suspect he’d complained just to get a reaction out of her, especially when he added, “I like it best when you talk dirty. It just revs my engine.”

“Dirty?” she asked with surprise.

“Ummm hmmm,” Tybo crooned. “You said arse.”

Beth covered the mouthpiece of her headset as a bark of laughter slipped from her lips. She hadn’t worked with Tybo long, but was quickly learning the man was a character. Shaking her head, she removed her hand from her mouthpiece and said, “Stop flirting with me, you cheeky bastard, and move into posit—”

A choked sound and the rustle of cloth from her earpiece made her stop talking and listen instead before she said, “Tybo? Tybo?”

Beth paused a heartbeat to wait for a response, and then said, “Valerian? Do you see Tybo?” Silence was her only answer.

“Ah hell,” she muttered. Slipping out from behind the tree she’d been using for cover, Beth started moving quickly in Tybo’s direction. She had the dart gun she’d been issued in one hand, but her sword in the other. It was the sword that saved her. Before Beth reached the spot where she’d ordered Tybo to take cover, the dart gun was abruptly kicked from her grip. She never saw it coming, but reacted instinctively, sword hand coming up and swinging hard even as she turned toward her assailant. She caught him at the base of the throat where it met his shoulder. The blade went deep, slicing better than halfway through his neck.

Beth yanked it out, grimacing at the sucking sound it made. She watched the man topple sideways to the ground, and then quickly wiped the blade off on her attacker’s coat before grabbing up the dart gun she’d dropped. Shooting him with it to ensure he didn’t heal and rise too quickly, she then turned and continued forward. Beth found Tybo on his back in the mud some twelve feet from where she’d been attacked. There was a knife in his chest.

“You should have moved when I told you to,” Beth muttered as she bent to tug the ivory-handled knife from his heart. He didn’t open his eyes and sit up at once, but she hadn’t expected him to. He’d need some time to heal. Beth reached into the satchel hanging at her side, pulled out a bag of blood and then opened his mouth. She had to massage his upper gums briefly to get his fangs to slide out, but then she slapped the bag to them.

Leaving Tybo where he lay, Beth straightened and glanced around before continuing along the path. Valerian had been positioned another thirty feet ahead in the woods surrounding the house. She found the hunter exactly where she expected, also with a knife to the heart. As she removed it, Beth noted that it was a duplicate of the knife that had been in Tybo’s chest.

Tossing the blade aside, Beth slapped a bag of blood onto Valerian’s fangs as well before turning to peer through the bushes at the house they’d been watching since just after sunset. It had been empty by the time they’d got their orders from Mortimer at the Enforcer house and made their way here. The inhabitants, a rogue immortal and his minions, had already been gone by then, probably to hunt up new victims. Beth, Tybo, and Valerian had sat here awaiting their return for most of the night and now it was almost dawn, but a few minutes ago a van had pulled into the driveway. The garage door had opened, the van had pulled in, and the door had closed without them ever seeing how many people were in the vehicle. Which was why Beth had ordered Tybo to approach the house. They needed to know how many rogues they were dealing with and what the situation was. It was vital to their approach. If there were innocent mortals who needed saving, for instance, it would affect how they handled everything.

It seemed, however, that their presence hadn’t gone unnoticed, and one of the returning rogues had managed to slip out unseen and sneak up on them. Her question now was whether that was the only one. Had the newly turned rogue just been sent out to check around and happened upon them? Or had they been spotted and he was sent out to take care of them? And if so, how many others, if any, were out scouring the trees surrounding the house, looking for them? Aside from whether there were innocents around, Beth also needed to know many rogues were inside besides Walter Simpson, the master rogue of this group. Unfortunately, getting those answers and doing anything with them would be hard since her entire, and very tiny, team was now incapacitated except for herself.

Cursing under her breath, Beth took a quick glance around and then moved to the nearest tree and swiftly climbed up into the branches. She settled on a large, sturdy branch fifteen feet up, took a moment to be sure that she had a good view of the surrounding area and that no one could sneak up on her, and then slid her cell phone from her pocket.

Mortimer answered on the first ring. “Problem?”

About the Author

Lynsay Sands is the nationally bestselling author of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series, as well as numerous historicals and anthologies. She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there’s occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that’s just a big bonus.

Connect with Lynsay at:
GoodReads | Twitter 1 | Twitter 2 | Facebook | Pinterest | Web site | Newsletter

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Join Savvy WriterCon, September 15-17, 2017

Savvy WriterCon, September 15 – 17, 2017

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Wearing my Editor Hat today to share an upcoming event for writers…

It’s time for the Savvy Authors 7th annual online writing conference this weekend! Workshops, webinars, pitch fest, games, and prizes… I’ll be there all weekend taking pitches for Champagne Books. Visit the Editor Pitch Page to see what I’m looking for. 🙂


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Book photos, Copyright 2017 Elinor Mills, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Spotlight on #Paranormal #Romance: Witch on Parole by @kay_latour

Hello Dear Readers,
Fellow Champagne Books author Kay Latour is here today with a new paranormal romance release for your TBR. Read on for details and an excerpt!

Book cover, Witch on Parole, by Kay Latour

Title: Witch on Parole (Book 1)
Series: Witch on Parole
Author: Kay Latour
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Summer, 2017

All Bryn ever wanted was to fit in, to be one of the respected professional thieves and never practice the magic that destroyed her mother. But her dreams crashed and cremated when she was captured on her first thieving mission. Incarcerated and paroled two months later, Bryn snatches at the chance of a new life.

But her corrupt parole officer won’t let her. He has every intention of using her magic to suit his own dark plans. She finds herself wedged between a rock and a jail cell. Doing what he wants will cost her freedom and her newfound family. If she tells on him—no one will believe her. He’s a respected supernatural corrections officer and she’s—just a WITCH ON PAROLE.

Champagne Books |Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Kobo | Barnes & Noble


A bubble the size of a baseball rose out of the brownish red cream and popped, emitting a loud belch.

Did my potion burp? I was sure it wasn’t supposed to burp either.

A pair of copper eyes attached to a russet-colored head pushed themselves out of the goo. The creature locked eyes with me. I blinked. It blinked back.

A split second later it let out a small roar. It flew out of the bowl, jumped up and latched onto me. Shocked, I didn’t move. Didn’t do anything. It rubbed my face with its flat paws.

“Ouch!” Damn. That hurts.

It’s like it was sanding the skin right off my cheeks. I grabbed its small arms and forced it to stop. It was covered in gritty rust-colored sand. The whole time I was staring at it, it kept struggling to rub my face with its grainy paws. Sharp prickles of pain pulsed on my palms and fingers as its coarse dry skin wiggled under my grip. He was a strong little guy. He kept up his squirming and then managed to slip a sandy little paw past me and scratch my cheek again.

“Ow!” Geez.

Without thinking, I whipped him away from me. He soared through the air and landed on one of the loveseats in the sitting area of the kitchen. I watched, dumbfounded, as he picked himself up and rubbed the arm of the loveseat. He was going to town on it. He began shredding the upholstery. Bits and pieces of brown fabric sprinkled onto the wooden floor.

My heart pounded. I touched my throbbing cheek and came away with blood on my fingertips. It took me a moment to register what this meant, and it dawned on me. I created a sandpaper monster.

What am I going to do? What am I supposed to do? I stared at the blood on my hand. Not only was this little guy destructive, but he was also dangerous. Think, Bryn. Think.

The banishing spell.

That’s it. I needed to banish his little sandpaper butt. I crept up on him slowly. I didn’t want him to run away before I had the chance to say the spell. When I was about two feet away, I said, “Pello pepulli pulsum.”

The sandpaper dude kept on sanding. He didn’t look up. Didn’t even blink. By now he’d made a hole in the arm of the chair. The white stuffing and structural wood peeked through. Crap. Galeron’s couch was wrecked, and it was my fault because I created this little guy. He shifted to the inside arm of the loveseat. His copper gaze darted between me and the part of the loveseat he was working on. Why hadn’t he disappeared? I said the right spell words.

Running my hand over my ponytailed hair, I spotted the bowl of salt water. Oh man. I forgot to sprinkle him. I grabbed a cup from the right-hand side cupboard and dunked it into the salty water. I tiptoed toward him and flung the liquid.

But he was on to me now. He squeaked and dashed to the other end of the loveseat. The water rained onto the shredded arm of the couch. Nowhere near him. Wary of my intent, he kept his gaze on me as he continued to sand the other arm. If he was smart, he would have hidden. But I guess his need to scrub overpowered his need for safety. He stayed there. Sanding. Arms rotating in circular motions.

I grabbed another cup of salty water. He saw me coming, let out another squeak and scurried around the room. His need to survive kicked in. He shot under the round coffee table, skittered behind the other loveseat, and sailed around the triangle counter. I made tracks after him, sloshing some of the precious liquid onto the wooden floor as I ran.

He hightailed it toward the archway leading out of the kitchen. Panic stabbed at my heart as I bolted after him. I had to stop him before he escaped and sandpapered everything in town.

I caught a huge break when the sandpaper dude ran smack into Galeron’s jean covered leg. The irresistible urge to sand those jeans took over and the sandpaper dude paused to scratch the material in front of him. Big mistake for him.


About Kay Latour

Kay Latour, author photo
Kay Latour resides in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, with her Techie Wizard husband and two built-in-alarm-system Chihuahua’s. She is a self proclaimed geek and bookworm. She loves fantasy, paranormal and science fiction stories in book, TV or movie form. She patiently waits for the return of the science fiction series FIREFLY. Brown coats forever!

Early on she found out that her elementary school library contained amazing books like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales and Greek myths. The stories within spoke of goblins, witches, fairies, deities, giants and all manner of magical folk! Incredible! It struck a spark in her brain and stoked her imagination. From that time on she gravitated to any type of fantasy, mythology, science fiction or paranormal book she could get her hands on.

Now that Kay’s two children have reached ‘the age of reason’ she has time to write her own stories. 🙂

Connect with Kay Latour

Website/Blog | Facebook Author Page |Facebook Personal Page | Twitter | Pinterest | GoodReads | Amazon Author Central |

Spotlight & Review: Beyond The Rules by @anna_del_mar

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s time for a spicy treat, brought to you by author Anna Del Mar. Please enjoy this spotlight and review of her new release, and be sure to enter her book tour giveaway (details and link below). Bon appétit!

Bewitching Book Tour, Beyond The Rules by Anna Del Mar book cover

Title: Beyond The Rules
Author: Anna Del Mar
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Anna Del Mar
Date of Publication: August 15, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9799682-6-6
Word Count: 113,000 words
Cover Artist: Mayhem Cover Creations

A brilliant hacker fleeing for her life runs straight into the arms of a trio of ex-SEALs bound by a sacred, battle-forged pact, men who have agreed to share everything…including her.

When Nina Leon crash-lands in the rugged mountains of Montana, she’s fleeing from a deadly enemy and a painful past, desperately searching for the legendary hacker who can help her defeat the ruthless terrorist stalking her. Instead, she’s rescued by three brave ex-SEALs who will do anything in their power to protect her.

Tanner Vazquez, Aiden Black, and Balthazar Flint live by a pact forged in battle and signed with blood. It’s a bond that has saved their lives more than once. They’re committed to watching each other’s back and sharing everything.


As different as they are, Nina hits all their buttons. They agree. She’s the one they’ve been waiting for.

But Nina’s not looking to commit to anyone. She doesn’t believe in love. Her life has made her the ultimate skeptic. Lust? Yes. Sex? Absolutely. Love? What a crock.

Protecting Nina is gonna be hard enough. But convincing Nina to stay, fulfilling her sexual fantasies and getting this brilliant hacker to trust and love them—all three of them—for good?

That’s gonna be a hell of a mission.

Amazon | Kobo | B&N

Celia’s Review

I love a good nerd love story, and this one packed a lot of wonderful punch.

The story opens with a plane crash, dropping us right in the middle of the action. As inciting incidents go, I was instantly hooked. After Nina, our computer nerd/hacker heroine, crash lands in the middle of nowhere, aka on the property owned by our three sexy heroes, we’re treated to a show of her character—brave, tough, smart—and witness a believable First Meet with Tanner, the first of the three men to come to her rescue. Del Mar gives us a credible amount of attraction the two feel for each other, given the emergency situation, before the other two men arrive on the scene. No spoilers here, but know that, as the story progresses, you’ll be treated to three distinct romance threads for Nina with each man. The unique relationship she forms with each man, both in and out of the bedroom, is a real page-turner. And the sexy scenes, are hot, hot, hot!

In addition to a well-drawn romance plot, we’re treated to an equally well-crafted suspense plot, bringing a nice layer of tension to the story. At times, I felt like I was watching an excellent action movie, particularly at the story’s climax (sorry, no spoilers here). Another plus: each character has his/her own hang-ups to overcome. Watching them dealing with their inner and outer demons (including PTSD, an ex-wife, a battle injury, etc.) while navigating their one-on-one relationships and group relationship made for riveting reading.

To sum up, Beyond The Rules is sensual and sincere and sweet, and a good addition to any romance reader’s TBR list. This is the first book I’ve read by Anna del Mar, and I’ll be back for more.


(Nina’s POV)

My jeans were scorched in places, so Tanner lent me a black T-shirt and helped me into the single pair of panties I owned, fresh out of the dryer. I was clean and my hair was combed and almost dried. My knees were still shaking from the orgasm, but on the upside, I didn’t have to walk far. Aiden insisted on carrying me down the stairs. The smells of bacon and biscuits scented the house and sent my stomach into a growling fit.

Aiden looked down on me and cocked his broken eyebrow. “Hungry?”

I flashed an apologetic grin. “Starving.”

“No worries.” He settled me on a stool by the kitchen island and went over to the huge fridge. “We’ve got you covered.”

Wow. When was the last time someone said that to me?

A quiet beep lit up over the discreetly paneled door that slid aside to reveal Tanner, leaning on his crutches, shuffling out of the elevator. “Ready to chow?” He winked at me and then joined Aiden and Zar at the kitchen counter, picking out cutlery from one of the drawers.
I caught an excellent view of three very nicely built backsides, broad shoulders, tapered waists, asses chiseled from granite. Holy hell. These hunks made menial kitchen work look like a sexy, seductive dance.

I fanned my burning face with my bandaged hand. “Can I help with something?”

“No need,” Tanner said. “Sit tight.”

Zar was parked in front of the stove, firmly in charge of some gigantic omelets, plus a pan of bacon and the biscuits he maneuvered out of the oven. A distinguished touch of silver frosted his fair hair at the temples. It had to be premature gray, because he was otherwise too young and fit. Or else he worried too much. Yeah, that could be.

He glanced over his shoulder. His eyes were startling. His irises were a shocking color, azure flecked with Lapis. I couldn’t decide whether his gaze reminded me of the oldest glaciers in the world or the flame’s hottest fire. A million questions gleamed in his stare. He considered me as if he was debating whether he should send me to the corner or spank me. If I had a choice, number two, please.

Balthazar Flint. The name suited him to perfection. It had gravitas. It also matched his demeanor, down to the hard edges of his powerful body. It occurred to me that, in another life, I could’ve been the steel to his flint and we would’ve made lots of sparks. Dream on, girl. Like that could ever happen.

Zar transferred the last of the omelets to the plates and Aiden plunked a cup of tea in front of me, Earl Grey with lots of cream. Before I had time to ask Aiden how he’d known exactly what I liked in my tea, Tanner picked up the mug and tipped it against my lips. I took a deep draft, enjoying the sweet heat that warmed my stomach and spread to the rest of me. The four of us sat at the kitchen counter, facing our loaded plates. After examining my right hand, I was about to give the utensils a try, when Aiden beat me to the fork.

“I promised I’d be your hands when you needed me.” He speared a chunk of eggs and lifted them to my lips. “You need me.”

So freaking sweet. Panty-melting cute. “Thanks,” I mumbled through a mouthful. Had I died and gone to heaven?

I chewed my food, enjoying every bite, studying the men as I did. These guys were military or ex-military, like my brother had been. They spoke, moved, and acted like trained warriors. Tanner had admitted to training as a corpsman and Aiden had mentioned they’d designed the house while they were on deployment. I had to get to Ulysses, but I couldn’t help being fascinated by the remarkable trio that had taken me in.

I stole a glance at Tanner. At six feet or so, he was the shortest of the three, tall to my five foot five. Fit and compact like a soccer player, he was a head-turner. The striking contrast between his smooth, dark olive skin and his light green eyes gave him an exotic flair that conjured images of distant shorelines, sun-kissed dunes, and fabulous spice markets.

There was no question that Tanner appealed to me. What he’d just done to my body challenged my skepticism at every level. With his chiseled chin, his body’s perfect proportions and his hair, cropped in a clean, sharp cut that spiraled from the cowlick at the back of his head, he should be strutting some runaway in Milan.

My gaze shifted to Aiden. His size alone should’ve made him lumber and yet when he moved, he did so elegantly and efficiently, as if he’d trained his body to function in a world that didn’t always fit him. Aiden looked like a basketball player. Or an Olympic swimmer. The scar that nicked his eyebrow gave character to his face and the curls and facial scruff added a roguish touch that reminded me of pirates and Vikings. I bet he’d taken a few shield maidens to Valhalla.

My eyes went to Zar, downing his food with automatic precision. Height-wise, he was somewhere in between Tanner and Aiden, but he was built like an NFL linebacker. His muscular neck was made to carry the weight of a dangerous world. His solid pecs could serve to bulldoze entire armies. His thighs were as brawny as the beams that held up the house. When he glared at me as he was doing now, I had to repress an impulse to kneel at his feet and ask for mercy.

“You got enough in you to talk?” He set down his fork and nailed me with his skull-piercing gaze. “The sooner we deal with this, the better.”

He was right and I needed to get back on track.

The first two chapters of Beyond The Rules are available here –>:

About the Author

Amazon Bestselling author Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart. Her stories focus on strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy, kickass heroes who defy their limits to protect the women they love.

A Georgetown University graduate, Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories.

When she stays put—which doesn’t happen very often—she splits her time between Colorado and Florida where she lives with her indulgent husband and a very opinionated cat.

Anna loves to hear from her readers. Connect with Anna at:
Website | Blog | Amazon | Twitter | Facebook Author Page | Facebook | Newsletter

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