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AllRomance.com Bookstore Best SellerWhen tech mogul Evan Luparell ventures to his brother’s wedding, he meets his workaholic match in dress designer, Mina Carver. Unexpected mating energy sparks.

Neither of them wants a relationship, but a fling? Maybe.

But as each wedding activity throws them together, and their powerful chemistry and mate compatibility complicates matters, can two workaholics truly have their fun then walk away? More –>

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Under A Mating Moon Book cover

Under A Mating Moon finals in The Romance Writer’s of America, Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter’s annual PRISM contest for published books!

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Now available in paperback for 2016!
*Diamond Moon* & *Under A Mating Moon*

My two Wolf shifter books for Decadent Publishing’s Black Hills Wolves series are now in print, wahoo!
Diamond Moon On Amazon –>
Under A Mating Moon On Amazon –>

Vampires & Werewolves & Romance, Right This Way –>

Diamond Moon Book cover Under A Mating Moon Book cover JASMINE MOON BOOK COVER Haven by Celia Breslin book cover Vampire Code by Celia Breslin book cover Destiny by Celia Breslin book cover