Book Review: Loving Trixie Fine

I read a lot, and sometimes I write reviews. Here are my thoughts on a fun genre-mash-up novel.


Loving Trixie Fine by Beth Henderson and Letty James

“An Extra Fine Read”

“Loving Trixie Fine” is a fun romp that starts with a literal bang and keeps on hopping until the end. The authors provide a masterful blend of fantasy, romance, comedy and suspense, along with two extremely likeable good guys. Bea/Trixie and Zack are strong, confident, intelligent professionals and this comes across in every bit of dialogue. I love the fact they’re both older (and wiser) than your typical romance hero/heroine. My favorite scenes involved the two of them, as their banter and attraction/love for each other kept me riveted. The authors also created vivid and entertaining bad guys. The story has a thoroughly satisfying conclusion (no spoilers here), yet also leaves room for a Part Two. I sure hope there’s a sequel.

(End Review)

“Loving Trixie Fine” is available on Amazon.

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