Book Review: Teresa Morgan’s Cinderella and the Sheikh

I live and breath urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but every once in a while I dabble in reading other genres. Recently, I read a couple of Sheikh romances. Here’s my review of one of them.

Cinderella and the Sheikh

(Book Review)

Teresa Morgan’s Cinderella and the Sheikh is an interesting and entertaining take on the classic Cinderella story.  I particularly enjoyed the attention to detail given to the cultural and socioeconomic differences between Libby and Rasyn. It provided authenticity to the narrative and kept me turning those virtual Kindle pages.  The author’s rich setting descriptions provided great visuals for my imagination while also keeping her heroine off-kilter much of the time and thus adding to the dramatic tension.

Thumbs up for the overt nods to the Cinderella classic (Libby losing her shoe on more than one occasion, Libby remarking that Rasyn is “charming”, etc.) and for creating a curvy, well-endowed, size thirteen heroine. The Epilogue provided a satisfying HEA.

This is the 2nd Sheikh book I’ve read, the first being Ms. Morgan’s “Handcuffed to the Sheikh”. I’m intrigued enough to read more in this genre.

(end book review)

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