Book Review: Writing Fight Scenes by Rayne Hall

Last week, Rayne Hall visited my blog and shared thirteen mistakes to avoid when writing fight scenes. This week, I’m posting my review of her book on the subject: Writing Fight Scenes.

Must-Have Resource for Your Writer’s Toolbox

writing fight scenes book coverI’ve taken a couple of excellent online classes with Rayne on magic and editing and was pleased to read this invaluable resource encapsulating her fight scenes workshop. The book provides a basic overview of weaponry, various fight situations, gender differences in conflict, etc. and also offers the writer practical tips on word choices for optimal pacing, mood setting, and realistic dialogue. Visual examples of various fight scenarios are also provided via You Tube URLs. My one wish for the e-book: a full table of contents allowing the reader to jump to each chapter (my version stopped at Chapter 2). Bottom line: a worthwhile read and handy resource. If Rayne ever writes a magic reference book, I’d definitely read that, too.

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Writing Fight Scenes is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Rayne Hall caricature by Kuoke Rayne Hall is a professional writer and editor. She teaches online workshops for intermediate, advanced and professional level writers.

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Author portrait (Woman in Blue) by Kuoke. Copyright Rayne Hall.

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