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Hello Dear Readers! Today we welcome Bonnie Gill to the blog, with the latest installment in her paranormal romance series. Read two excerpts and enter her giveaway. Happy reading! xo, Celia

Light Untamed
Legends and Myth Police Squad
Book 3 Three
Bonnie Gill

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Date of Publication: October 24, 2018
Word Count: 64,181
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Holy fire-farting Hell Hounds.

Pet lover and animal activist Pepper Peterson has a secret. She inherited the caretaker position of the notorious Hell Hounds from her deceased aunt. Every year on Halloween she opens the gates to hell and sets them free to mark the souls of the damned. Only this year she lost the magic whistle to call them home and the massive black beasts run amok causing mischief in the town.

Ottar Jones holds the position of senior boss man at L.A.M.P.S. (Legends and Myths Police Squad) secret government agency. Ottar appalls Pepper. He’s the most barbaric man she’s ever met, but she can’t stop thinking about the sexy brute. When he finally chooses to show up to repair her dinosaur statue, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Ottar’s calendar has been packed full of mythical beasts to capture. Upon return to Haber Cove for his friend River’s wedding he has to contend with the crazy but hot vegan’s dinosaur, but a surprise awaits him. Haber Cove is infested with flesh-eating, ankle-biting Jack-a-lopes, and a pack of large black Hell Hounds. Will all hell break loose when he finds who let the dogs out? Or will Pepper turn out to be the one woman who can tame the savage Aussie hunter?


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Light Untamed Excerpts

Excerpt 1:

Pepper needed to put as much distance between her and Ottar as possible. That kiss. Oh my gosh. He was a master. The possessive, wild kiss made her want to strip his clothes and take his exquisite body next to the stream. What the heck had gotten into her?
Did he really believe that crap about an attraction spell? Nonsense talking Aussie. There was no way she spelled him while she and Abby were trying to banish the evil jinn. Ottar must be one of those crazy conspiracy theory people, though, she’d never pegged him as paranoid.
She gunned the gas and took off down the overgrown path into the forest.
A gunshot sounded. Pain exploded in her upper arm. Glancing down at the blood on her sleeve, she looked up too late. A low branch smacked her across the chest. She flew off the four-wheeler and crashed onto the ground.
Her body throbbed. The coolness from the dirt chilled her spine. Breathe.
Ottar ran toward her, screaming, with his gun drawn.
The bastard shot her? First her dinosaur statue and now her. What next? He’d lost his sanity. She’d always suspected something wasn’t right with him. Now she had proof.
Her arm ached, and blood seeped through her sleeve. The pounding of her heart accelerated, each beat almost blending into the next.
Ottar closed in, but she wasn’t going to let him finish the job. Was the kiss so upsetting that he wanted to kill her?


Excerpt 2:
Pepper Peterson stabbed the damp soil with a screwdriver, then placed the tampon stick into the hole. “I need more ammunition,” she called out to her bestie in the dark.
Abby brought over an unopened box of womanly necessities. “I’m not opening it. Nah uh. How come you’re so dead set on doing this?”
Pepper peeled away the plastic wrapper. Her friend refused to open tampon boxes ever since an evil Genie popped out of one and cursed her to become the Jersey Devil every time she got her period. They broke the spell, but she didn’t blame Abby for having the phobia.
“Because Keith stood me up for Charlotte. Look, you can see them watching television.” She pointed to the six-inch crack in the curtains covering the big picture window of the small blue home. Two people sat on the couch, their heads close. “I have to teach him there are consequences for being a rat bastard.”
Keith had broken their date, saying he’d be out of town for work. Liar. She planted another tampon in the ground. Perfect for mushrooming, the old fashion tampons perched on a stick applicator instead of the plastic push kind, standing tall with the string flapping in the evening breeze.
A slight October chill nipped at the back of her exposed neck, causing her to shiver. “The cotton will absorb the night’s dew and expand, causing it to mushroom. That’s why this technique was named Mushrooming. In the morning, he’ll see our message spelled out in the yard.” She couldn’t wait. “Hey, does River still have those surveillance cameras?”
She’d love to see Keith’s face when he saw the full-bloomed tampons.
“They’re at the police station. Maybe we could break in and get one?”
Her bestie never shied away from Pepper’s escapades, even though she was set to marry the Sherriff in a couple weeks.
Abby and River had a great relationship. Maybe someday she’d find someone who would love her unconditionally like her friend did.
Fat chance.
Most men bailed on her after they met her large herd of rescued pups. She could only imagine what they’d do if they found out about her family’s secret.
“Car,” Abby called out.
They darted next door into the empty field and ducked down behind the three-foot tall weeds. When the tail lights of the vehicle faded into the night, they strolled toward Keith’s lawn.
“Come on, we’re almost done,” Pepper said.
“Where on earth did you find these old things?” Abby asked.
“My aunt had purchased a buttload, and I have another full carton in the attic. She must have found a great deal, or maybe they fell off a truck. Who knows.” A total packrat, her Aunt had enough cases of toilet paper stashed in the house to last her years. Her heart still ached even though her Aunt died years ago.
“I can’t let Keith get away with standing me up. Or other guys will think it’s okay to bail on me for another woman. It only takes one time of slacking and they get reprogramed. Men are like dogs, you can’t give them an inch. They need constant discipline.” She’d learned her lesson early on with her dog rescue.
“I hate to say this,” Abby said, “but you have a reputation for dumping your men after the second or third date. Don’t you think he beat you to the breakup?” She handed Pepper another tampon.
I have a reputation? News to her. Okay, maybe she did tend to break things off after a few dates. Big deal. If she got the yuckies for them, she wasn’t going to waste her time or theirs. She could tell if it wasn’t a good fit after a few dates. “I don’t think it’s fair to string them along. Besides, he didn’t break up with me. He postponed our date and lied.”
Abby hummed as she placed the tampons into the ground. They’d both dressed in black from head to toe for the mission. After sticking the last tampon in the yard they stepped back to admire their artwork. LOSER was spelled out across his lawn, the letters perfectly executed so there’d be no mistaking the message.
Grinning, Pepper snapped a few photos with her phone as headlights flared in the distance.
“Car,” Abby called out again.
They darted to the vacant lot and ducked down behind the brush. The car slowed as it passed by Keith’s house. A street light in front of his property made the tampons glow in the dark like a scarlet letter.
“Umm, Pepper,” Abby said in a shaky voice.
“I’m right here.” She crept over to her friend in the damp weeds.
“I think we have to call River.”
Oh no. “What in heaven’s name for?” Could her friend be chickening out? River would totally make them remove all the tampons.
Abby pointed to her left. “There’s a dead body. I almost touched it.” She danced around, flinging her hands about. “Ewww.”
A large man lay face down on the ground. Bending over, Pepper grabbed his wrist. No pulse. His skin cold to the touch. Her heart pumped faster and almost jumped to her throat. Ick. Now she’d touched a dead person. Dropping his arm, she wiped her hands on her pants. Cooties!
“Who is it?” Abby took a step away.
“Heck if I know.” He wore tan pants and a dark shirt, but she couldn’t see his face. His legs were sprawled and bent at odd angles. She breathed in the clean pine scent of the night’s crisp air. At least he didn’t smell dead.

About the Author

Bonnie Gill grew up in the suburbs right outside Chicago. As a child she loved making up ghost stories at night to scare her sisters and friends.

She writes Paranormal Romance with a twist of humor. When she isn’t writing you can find her on a haunted tour, volunteering at pet rescues, or digging around in her fairy garden waiting for fairies to show.

She lives in Northern Illinois with her three rescue dogs and her ever patient boyfriend who laughs at all her goofy jokes.

She loves to hear from her readers.

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