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April 2013 – Shiny, New Paranormal Blog!

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I’m super pleased to announce the launch of a new group blog, Paranormal Unbound. I’m one of the nine writers who’ve joined forces to share with you, dear readers, our love of the paranormal genre.

What can you expect? Chatter on books, books, and more books, of course!

This week on Paranormal Unbound

  • Angela Quarles says Greetings We Come In Peace.
    “…we not only like to kick ass and take names, we also like to analyze said kick-assery, read about it, and roll in it with our legs twitching in the air…

  • Celia Breslin (aka “moi”) shares What We’re Reading – Angel Bait
    “…Action, thrills, snark, love…ANGEL BAIT has it all. The first story in what is sure to be a fierce and fabulous urban fantasy series, ANGEL BAIT transports us to a gritty Detroit…

  • Erica Hayes presents The Genre of Ultra-Fantasy
    “…Welcome to Paranormal Unbound! Wednesday will typically be ‘new release show-and-tell day’…. But, y’know, to hell with it. I’d rather talk about paranormal romance that stretches the boundaries and introduces us to cool new things…”

Meet the Paranormal Unbound Crew

* Amber Belldene
* Celia Breslin
* Lexi George
* Erica Hayes
* Suzanne Johnson
* Lisa Kessler
* A. J. Larrieu
* Angela Quarles
* Elizabeth Staab

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