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This week, January Bain, my fellow Champagne Book Group author, shares her newest release, Forever Clan, the third book in her paranormal Forever Series. Enjoy.

Forever Clan book cover
Forever Clan

Sunday Rose’s soul mate is a vampire. If that isn’t difficult enough to deal with, she’s pregnant with a child that prophecy states can either help or destroy the vampire race. And there are those that fear either outcome.

If she is to protect her child from those who would exploit the prophecy, she must awaken unknown abilities and call upon her guardian angels to buy the time necessary to get her family to safe harbor.

Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen

   “I can’t sleep Grandma Rose.” Sunday Rose, with a bad cough, had been unable to accompany her parents and sister. Not that she minded. She loved staying with her grandmother. “Please, tell me a story about faeries!”
   “Well, you remember how your grandpa always wore a feather in his cap?”
   Sunday Rose nodded; her face full of anticipation as she waited for the tale to continue.
   “Well, this night was Samhain night—our Celtic New Year’s feast night—and it is the time other worlds come into close contact with ours. A time when faeries and humans can come together to celebrate. Your grandpa and I were courting and he was taking me to the festival. I begged my ma and got the material to make myself a brand new dress—a beautiful white eyelet dress with ruffles at the shoulders and a full skirt that would be just perfect for dancing. I tied a blue velvet ribbon in my hair and I felt like a faerie queen myself!”
   Her grandmother’s still beautiful features softened as her memory swept her back to that magical time when her man had come a-courting. Sunday Rose waited patiently for her to continue. Her stories were always worth the wait. Better than books, she got to hear a living story.
   “Your grandpa—he was a handsome devil. Dark shiny hair and the bluest eyes you ever did see! Dressed to the nines in a new suit and a jaunty hat to boot. He brought me a red rose corsage and pinned it to my dress at the waist. He said it was impossibly tiny, my waist, that is, that his two hands could circle it. Ah, your grandpa, he was a charmer.”
   “I wish I knew my grandpa.” Sunday Rose couldn’t help the words from falling from her lips.
   “Ah, child. He was taken from us too soon, before you were born. That’s the way of it, the good die young. I’ll probably live forever, not having lived the life of a saint.”
   “Grandma! You’re a good grandma!” Sunday Rose could not bear the idea of anything slanderous being said about her beloved grandmother.
   “Well, when you’ve lived as long as I have child, you see too much. But, I’m telling you a story.”
   Sunday Rose settled in closer in her grandma’s comforting arms.
   “The town square was all lit up with glittering candles and fireworks were going off and lights were strung around the dance floor. It was a wonderful sight. People were so happy to be out now that the harvest was in, talking with neighbors and kin alike. We joined another couple, William and Martha, who were just married a few weeks before. William and your grandpa worked together at the steel mill and were good friends. Your grandpa always spoke well of him. He was devastated when he was hurt on the job—helped out Martha and the kids for years after. Felt it was his obligation. I so admired that man.”
   Her grandma paused for a sip of water and continued. “Now, as luck would have it this was a very special Samhain night. The faeries were out in full force as it was the five hundredth anniversary of Queen Avallach’s death. When a faerie queen dies, child, the web between the two worlds thins and faeries, playful creatures that they are, like to cavort about in our world, knowing they can pull lots of pranks on humans and get away with it. Samhain is an excuse for them to do all sorts of things, because they can make themselves invisible.”
   Sunday Rose’s eyes grew round as she thought of all the mischief faeries could get into being invisible. She immediately wanted to be a faerie and play jokes on others. There was one boy in the neighborhood who really deserved a prank played on him, she thought with glee. She hated it when he would squish flat her fancy mud pies and laugh at her distress. Imagine what she could do to him if she was invisible.
   “Wow, Grandma, I wish I could be invisible.”
   “No, you don’t child. It’s a heavy responsibility, one I’m sure you don’t need to worry about.” She smiled and continued, “It was time to light the bonfires in the Macalister’s meadow and we all headed over there. Your grandpa took my hand and I let him this time. I knew something momentous was happening between the two of us and I was so excited, child, to be out and about with such a handsome man. Your grandpa, he was some man!”
   The two females smiled at each other. Sunday Rose thought her grandma looked so beautiful when she talked about her grandpa.
   “A particularly annoying faerie named Abby was looking to cause trouble between a pair of humans this night—any human pair would have suited her purposes—but she set her cap on grandpa. Well, soon as I realized what was up I let her know that she wasn’t going to get away with any of that nonsense!”
   “What did she do, Grandma Rose?”
   “She asked grandpa to dance and tried beguiling him with the act of mesmer. Faeries have this ability to kind of mesmerize humans into doing what they want. And Abby was looking to lure your grandpa away for a night of pleasure.”
   “What’s a night of pleasure?”
   “Well, um, she just wanted to have him to herself to dance with and talk to—to steal him away from his human.”
   “Wow, that’s not nice.” The very idea seemed to arouse Sunday Rose’s ire. “Grandpa should be dancing and talking with you. I’m glad you didn’t let her get away with anything!”
   “Of course I spoke up and gave her the what for when she tried her nonsense. You’ve got to watch faeries, child. Some are good and some are up to no good.”
   “What about grandpa’s feather?”
    “I’m getting to that part now. We were walking home when a shimmering blue feather dusted my white dress in the moonlight. Probably off a wild turkey—very iridescent and ever so pretty. Well, grandpa picked it up and placed it in his hat and said these very words.” She waited deliberately to be sure she had her granddaughter’s full attention before she continued in a wondrous tone.
   “I’m keeping this feather, Rose, as a reminder of how you set your cap for me on this night. And I’ve something to ask of you.’ And then he got down on one knee and asked in his wonderfully rich baritone voice, ‘Will you marry me, Rose? You’ll make me the happiest man on earth. Please, say ‘yes’.” Grandma Rose sighed. “And say ‘yes’ I did. Best decision of my life!”

~ * ~
   A sudden stirring in her womb jerked Sunday Rose back to the present and she patted the child within. “Grandma Rose wouldn’t know what to think of you, child. But I do know she would want me to fight for what is right.”

Forever Clan Review
By The Book Maven

“Forever Clan [is] a great paranormal romance. I have grown accustomed to this genre. I tend to read a lot of these types of paranormal books and I have acquired quite a distinguishing taste. Forever Clan has left a positively wonderful impact.

The story was well-rounded and thought out. But, it wasn’t just the story but the characters that leave the strongest impact. Even though it is quite tough to believe, in the world we live in, that you can fall madly in love with [someone] in three days, Sean and Sunday Rose’s love is felt through the pages and will turn you into a believer of true love.

Read the full review on The Book Maven’s Web site –> .

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Cover by artist Petra K, Champagne Book Group. Used with permission of author.

author photo: January Bain About the Author
January Bain hails from Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in the paranormal and vampires to produce the FOREVER SERIES. She teaches English and Computer courses during the day and writes at night. She hopes to touch your heart with this series.

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