HAVEN: Adrian Takes a Road Trip

Wine Glasses

Adrian, one of my characters from HAVEN, Carina’s best friend and co-owner of their dance club, absconded with my Muse today. The cheeky bugger.

“Don’t worry babe,” he cooed at me, ignoring my narrowed eyes at the ‘babe’ endearment.

He usually reserved that for Carina, or “Rina” as he fondly called her. He was totally sucking up. “It’s a quickie. I’ll have Muse back in time for your next writing session. Promise.”

He blew me a kiss and hopped in his BMW convertible, en route to the wine country to get his flirty groove on with Pedro, winemaker extraordinaire for Kastel Estate Winery.

Head on over to Amber Belldene’s blog to find out what transpired when Adrian and my Muse visited Amber and Pedro.

See you there.

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Wine Glasses Photo – Copyright 2013 Elinor Mills, all rights reserved. Used with permission.
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