Must-Read Romance Book Review: Hearts In Darkness

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Hearts In Darkness Book Cover Sweet, heartwarming moments, sensual, sexy scenes…Laura Kaye’s novella Hearts In Darkness has it all. And most of it takes place in an elevator. In the dark.

As plot devices go, this is a clever one but also one that could easily backfire were it not in the hands of a master storyteller such as Laura Kaye. Without the use of sight, the hero and heroine – Caden and Makenna – must rely on their other senses to get to know each other. The author does a fantastic job using scent, sound, and touch to draw us into their budding romance.

Their conversation toggles between amusing, light banter and poignant confessions, while pierced-and-tattooed, nice-guy, alpha male Caden struggles with his fear of enclosed spaces. Only Makenna’s voice (and eventually her touch) keeps him from losing it. Caden’s flaw and his tortured past make him all the more endearing to the reader, so one can’t help but root for a happily-ever-after for the couple when the power comes back on.

Bottom line: Hearts In Darkness is a real gem, one you’ll love to read again and again.

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