Editorial Services


Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, contemporary romance (all sub-genres), science fiction, fantasy. Some non-fiction also accepted.

Need a set of experienced eyes on your manuscript? I’ve read many publishing house submissions…

Manuscript Analysis

The equivalent of a “slush pile read-through.” One reading to determine if your manuscript is on track to be submission-ready (or indie published) or if further work is needed prior to entering into edit rounds. Includes brief report on Big Picture items, such as plot, setting, characterization, world building, intended genre and audience, writing mechanics.

When your work is ready for edits…

Developmental edit (aka content edit)

Includes: one edit pass, tracked changes and comments in the manuscript, a separate detailed report.

The development edit is typically a substantial edit where one reads through the manuscript in search of issues with plot, setting, characterization, pacing, world building, continuity, narration, etc. My work style: I tend to see everything and the kitchen sink as I work. Therefore, my developmental edits include some line edits, such as crutch words (aka overused words), passive voice, filter words (Show vs. Tell), comma splices, head-hopping (POV issues), and more.

When your edited work needs a fine-tuning pass from fresh eyes…

Copy edit (aka line edit)

Includes one pass with tracked changes/comments in the manuscript, or a separate errata. Looking for small ticket items such as crutch words, clarity, grammar, spelling, punctuation, repeated words, comma splices, etc.

When your edited, copy edited work needs one coat of polish…


Includes one polish pass with separate errata, looking for punctuation, spelling, typos, missing words (it happens!), formatting issues (such as random hard returns or unintentional spacing), etc.

For assistance beyond the manuscript…


Promotional pullquotes
A list of at least 10 pullquotes of varying length, generated during editing or proofreading process.

Blurbs (aka “back cover”)
One light edit/feedback on blurb, after developmental or copy edit.

One last thing…


Need multiple edit rounds and/or some combo of the above items? Contact us to discuss package pricing.

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