Excerpt: Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan

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Two excerpts…

Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan.

copyright 2013, Nancy Corrigan. All rights reserved. Posted here with permission of author, December, 2013.

Jazz turned to get her own breakfast but the phone in her hand rang. She glanced at the caller ID. Rafe Alexander. Her pulse kicked up. Butterflies took flight. She slipped out onto the deck and answered.


“Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?”

She grinned and ran a hand over her sleep-tousled hair. Beautiful wasn’t the description she’d use, not first thing in the morning anyway. Good thing he couldn’t see her. He’d run screaming in the opposite direction.
“I did. Actually, I just woke up,” she said in a breathless voice that surprised her.

“Well, you did have a late night. I’m glad I waited to call you. I didn’t want to interrupt your beauty sleep.”

Her smile widened. The man was sweet and considerate. “And how about you? Did you sleep well?”

“Hmmm, not a wink,” he groaned. “Every time I closed my eyes, I saw yours. I’ve missed you.”

She blew out a breath and pushed the heavy weight of her hair off her shoulder. It didn’t help. She felt flushed. “I must admit I did think of you too. Once or twice.”

His deep chuckle filled the line. She reacted to the sound as if he stood behind her and held her close. Arousal sparked along her nerve endings, leaving her sensitized. She shifted the cotton top from her pebbled nipples.

“Once or twice isn’t good enough, my Jasmine. I should be in your every waking thought,” he drawled. “I want to see you. Now. I can’t wait until tonight.”

The demanding tone should’ve annoyed her. It didn’t. It fed her arousal and left her hot and achy. She ran a hand over the back of her neck. “I can’t. I have so much to do and I haven’t had a chance to call Mr. Wilkins.”

“Call him. I’ll pick you up at six,” Rafe said with that air of confidence he had, as if she’d agree without hesitation. This time he was right. She couldn’t wait to see him. Talk to him. Kiss him.

“And Jasmine?”

She ran her tongue over her teeth and tugged once more at the annoying cloth rubbing against her nipples. “What?”

“Plan for that sleepover,” he said and hung up.

She held the phone to her chest for a moment and conjured Rafe’s face. Her lower belly quivered. She swallowed hard and dialed Mr. Wilkins.

Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan.

copyright 2013, Nancy Corrigan. All rights reserved. Posted here with permission of author, November, 2013.

Rafe waited for Josh to leave then stepped behind Jasmine and slipped an arm around her waist, locking her to him. She molded against him, softness to hardness, and was short enough to tuck under his arm. She leaned into his embrace as if she’d done so for a lifetime, head tipped back to rest against his chest. The easy way she accepted him pushed him to take more. With a palm on her hip, he tugged her closer, pressed his engorged shaft to her body. She stiffened and spun, blonde hair very similar in shade to his, whipping with the move. Wide-eyed, she stared at him. He loosened his grip but didn’t release her.

Gods, she was beautiful. Gray eyes, dilated at the moment, a few freckles on the tip of a slightly crooked nose and a mouth made for kissing. Her rounded face with its finely sloped forehead lent her an angelic quality, but the desire stamped on it ensured she’d be the wicked kind of angel, given the proper encouragement. And he had every confidence in his ability to bring out the vixen hidden behind her sweet exterior.

He thought about all the ways he could urge the siren out and a grin spread. Oh, the unveiling would be fun.

She shoved at his chest, didn’t move him, and huffed. “Let go, buddy. We’re done.”

Her husky voice wrapped around him and the bite of irritation in it appealed to him as well. He enjoyed feisty females—in bed and out.

“But you didn’t answer me,” he replied, enjoying the confusion making her brows scrunch. Tiny crinkles appeared by the corner of her almond-shaped eyes. He liked how they looked there.

“What did you ask?”

“Am I hot enough for you?”

Her jaw dropped, but the evidence of her desire drifted to his nose.

“Good. I’m glad I fit your needs.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to.” He took her hand, linking their fingers, and led her away from her human friend and the other males’ appreciative glances. He wanted her alone…to talk.

She hesitated at the entrance to the employee hallway. “What a sec, buddy. I am not going anywhere with you.”

He tipped her chin up, met those hypnotizing gray eyes. “Name’s Rafe. Rafe Alexander.”

She licked her lips. “Rafe,” she said.

Damn, his name sounded good in her breathless voice.

“Jasmine.” He tried the name out. It rolled nicely on his tongue. “Walk with me.”

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