Spooktacular Spotlight: Messengers of the Macabre #Halloween #Poems

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As we creep ever closer to All Hallow’s Eve, here’s some spooktacular Halloween poems by LindaAnn LoSchiavo and David Davies. Be sure to enter the Bewitching Book Tour giveaway, too!
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Messengers of the Macabre Halloween Poems book cover

Title: Messengers of the Macabre: Halloween Poems
Genre: Poetry
Authors: LindaAnn LoSchiavo and David Davies
Publisher: Audience Askew, Nat 1 Publishing LLC
Release Date: October 18, 2022
# of pages: 49
Word Count: approx. 6400K
Cover Artist: Benyamin Agum

Your portal to the dark side.

All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, Day of the Dead… during this interval, the barriers between the two realms are thinnest. Normal turns paranormal; what’s natural becomes the supernatural. That’s when the messengers of the macabre are in their rightful element.

Step inside this collaborative chapbook and embrace a haunted harvest of verses embracing bewitchment, boneyards, and all things that go… BOO!

Book Trailer: YouTube

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These men got what they deserved.

She looks down at the fresh grave,
breathing the sour odors of wet earth
and the recent sweat of the diggers.
Dressed in mourners’ black, naturally.
Far from the smoky lanterns of the street,
the meat roasting on the stoves,
and the violence and money
men waste on brief entertainment.

She’s the youngest; her sisters and
mother always know where she is.

In front of her, three short steps beyond
the dark soil, is the wooden cross
with the neatly carved name.
The carpenter here does fine work.

She rubs a swollen lip. It will heal
and fade like the others, and this one
will not leave a scar. They all,
mother and sisters, bear record
on their skin from men like this one.

These men deserved what they got.

You’re the one that makes it right,
her sisters tell her. You were born knowing
where to cut, they admire. Our angel
sent to protect us. Small and quick,
shadow-to-shadow, under dim windows,
too clever to be seen, the deed done
swiftly by a small hand and a sharp
thin blade where no one looks.

And when suspicion arises?
“She’s the baby, we don’t let her out.”
“We always know where she is.”

What more can women do
but protect each other?

Knife in hand now, she steps forward.
The turned earth gives a little
under her boots. One hand on top
of the cross, she hacks at the letters.
They splinter and crack, until
there is bare wood cleaved and cut
where a name once stood.

These men deserve what they get.
She’s the baby, her mother and sisters
always know where she is.

Then she’s gone in her black dress
before any—alive or dead—can notice her,
this cemetery ritual complete.

~ * ~


Secrets of the Spell

          I. Wasted Breath

Spite stirred in guts like poison mixed incake.
Insistent maleness and disparity
Assembled heated breath, enough to hex
A British play. Heed this — or rue the day.
Old Scottish combat zones, intent on war’s
Mythology and trophies, replicate
Themselves wherever men fish for acclaim
To get their stories splashed across the stars—
In letters, law, or laboratories.

When males engage with chemicals, rank brines,
Intent on alchemy, employing fire,
Rapt by discoveries perhaps benign,
They’re being scientific, praised. They’ll bask
Inbacklit glows that manly fame bestows.

          The patriarchy does its best to hoard
          Awards — like weapons needed for attacks.

When females huddle over cauldron smoke,
Ancestral recipes astir once more,
Rapt by solutions stronger than strychnine,
Which sheriff thought, “Girls having fun outdoors!”?
Suspicious scribes malign spell-casting crones,
Implying they are doing devil’s work.

          The patriarchy does its best to warn,
          Forbid, discourage daughters, sisters, wives
          By commandeering rights to accolades.

Distrust of women’s power led to laws.
In 1542, King Henry VIII
Signed Britain’s first Witchcraft Act. Hundreds died,
Even if those accused denied the charge.

          II.           Macbeth

Elizabethan dramatists — all men! —
Put witches in the plot for novelty.
Meanwhile, witch hunts harassed the innocent.

          Misogyny’s increase deserved byplay.
          Real sorceresses jinxed “the Scottish play,”
          Their hex comeuppance. Bloodshed was repaid.

Macbeth depicts a pagan coven — though
Their wisdom’s minimized by childish speech
Like “Double, double, toil, and trouble” — rhymes
For children, to infantilize this spell.

With “eye of newt, toe of frog,” thespians
Portraying the Weird Sisters cursed the Thane
Of Cawdor, who rebelled against his king.

Macbeth’s debut was struck— streaked with bad luck.

          III.           Met Death

Before Scene 5, the Bard went backstage — found
Lady Macbeth mystifyingly dead,
Unnerving King James in his royal box.

Which elements affected Brits the most?
Staged sorcery incited constant fear
His majesty intensified with trials.

Mark my words: women have always fought back,
Preserved infernal mysteries. Bewitched.
Dark invocations learned by stealth live on.

          Macbeth’s unholy spell won’t be withdrawn
          ‘Til every “witch’s” unfair death is mourned.


About The Authors

New York City necromancer LindaAnn LoSchiavo, a wily clairvoyant, honed her psychic abilities during childhood and has the power to haunt any benighted soul who disparages this chapbook.

Some of her Elgin Award-winning poems have been seen here: Bewildering Stories, Blood ‘n Bourbon, Mermaids Monthly, South Broadway Ghost Society, Star*Line.

Formidable dragon slayer David Davies left Wales under baleful circumstances for The Lone Star State. “Have sonnets, will travel,” announces his business card.

His Pushcart- and Bram Stoker-nominated poems and stories have been known to appear in: Granfalloon, Green Lantern Press, MacroMicroCosm, Moon Shadow Sanctuary, Ripples in Space.

Messengers of the Macabre Website

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Spooktacular #Halloween Coloring Book: Dainty Damsels

Halloo Dear Readers!
Bewitching Book Tours brings us some artsy fun for Halloween with this fantasy coloring book by J. N. Sheats! Have a look and be sure to enter the tour giveaway, too!

xo, Celia

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Dainty Damsels coloring book  book cover

Title: Dainty Damsels: Halloween Collection 2022
Series #: Dainty Damsels Coloring Books, Book Twelve
Author: J.N. Sheats
Release Date: 09/04/2022
# of pages: 72
ISBN: 979-8849735702
Cover Artist: J.N. Sheats

Spooky season is here and so are the Dainty Damsels with a new 30 page collection of illustrations by J.N. Sheats.

Grab your pens, pencils, and markers and get to coloring!

Amazon | Etsy

sample pages from coloring book sample pages from coloring book

JN Sheats Headshot

About J. N. Sheats

A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework. A movie junkie, video game addict, and lover of romance novels, she lives life under the idea that “if you don’t know how to do something, go learn it!”

Author Website | Art Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Etsy | Amazon | Newsletter

sample pages from coloring book sample pages from coloring book

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Spooktacular #Paranormal Spotlight: The Gryphon & His Thief

Hi Everyone!
The Halloween month fun continues on the blog with a Bewitching Book Tour story by Karen Michelle Nutt! Plus, Karen shares a personal story about her encounter with a ghost, aaaieeee! Be sure to enter the tour giveaway, too!

xo, Celia

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The Gryphon and His Thief book cover

Title: The Gryphon and His Thief
Genre: paranormal/ shifter romance
Author: Karen Michelle Nutt
Release Date: June 15, 2022
# of pages: 220
ISBN: 978-1509241774
Cover Artist: Kristian Norris

A gryphon shifter cursed for centuries encounters a thief who unearths his secret identity.

Darrien Andros, a gryphon sworn to protect humans is cursed to live forever, safeguarding the items in the Museum of Cursed Antiquities. His mundane life between the world of the living and turning to stone as the sun rises is disrupted when a thief attempts to steal Hecate’s Stone. He cannot eliminate her for her thieving ways. Not when she resembles his dead wife.

Cali Angelis, a thief for hire, needs Hecate’s stone for her client. Only Darrien makes her question her client’s motives. She’d like to think Darrien delusional, but she’s seen the unbelievable.

Will they unravel the mysteries behind the stone before history repeats itself?

Book Trailer: YouTube

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Spooktacular Excerpt: The Gryphon And His Thief

“Get a grip,” she warned herself. The gryphon didn’t blink his eyes. Yep, and it didn’t fly from the back room and station itself at the door, either. She gulped and leveled the beam of the flashlight on the statue once more. Only what stood there now was a man, a large man with dark hair, a beard neat and trim…and eyes that glowed like the gryphon’s eyes had.

“You cannot take the item from the museum,” the man’s deep voice boomed with authority meant to intimidate, and his words were flavored with a Greek accent. “You must return it immediately,” he finished the threat. Sure there had been no threat voiced, but she all but heard the ‘or else’ just as clearly as if the words had been spoken.

“Who are you?” she countered, even though she had no right to inquire. Obviously, this man must be the night guardsman. Her gaze slid over his attire and frowned. He wore garments she’d only seen painted on Greek vases and paintings—an intricately designed tunic, a dark colored cloak, and gold sandals adorned his feet. Her one eyebrow lifted. Perhaps he was a thief who liked theatrics. She had an uncle who liked to dress like a caped superhero when he went on his jobs.

She straightened her back and met the guy’s gaze head on. “I think you need to leave, or I’ll call the cops.” She pulled out her cell phone and lit up the screen to prove her point. The guy didn’t have to know she was bluffing. She didn’t want the cops here anymore than he probably did.

He didn’t quite react the way she thought he would. Oh no, he had the audacity to laugh, a deep guttural laugh. “You amuse me human woman,” he told her.

“Human woman?” Okay, this nut-job was off his meds. “Fine, you stay here, and this human woman will say good evening. It’s been a long day. I need to head back to my spaceship before E.T. calls home and tells Mom and Dad I’m late.”

The man’s brows furrowed, deep creases marring his forehead. Maybe she loaded on the crapola a little thick. It was best to end this conversation and get out of Africa—as her father would say—and make like a cheetah on the hunt. She took a few cautious steps toward the front door.

“You will halt,” he demanded with his palm up as if his stance alone could stop her.

Well, yep it did, for a full three seconds. She knew some self-defense moves, but this guy was built like he lifted weights in his sleep just so his bulk didn’t decrease in the middle of the night. It didn’t appear like the front door was an option, but… her gaze latched onto the window next to it. “Oh, hell.” She charged and prayed this old building hadn’t been refurbished with safety glass.

Otherwise, this stunt was really going to hurt.


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Spooktacular Feature: Ghost Girl by Karen Michelle Nutt

I have quite a few ghost stories I could conjure up for Halloween. It must be why I love the paranormal so much—it feels like home.

Today, I’d like to tell you about my family’s ghost girl. Everyone in my family has seen her at one time or another, and she wasn’t shy about revealing herself to friends.

This sighting took place when I was a teen. It was late at night, and my mother and I were the only ones still up. At this time, my father worked the graveyard and wasn’t home. My siblings were sleeping.

I was working on a report for school in the kitchen. My mother was in the bathroom taking a bath. She kept the door slightly ajar so we could chat.

As the minutes ticked by, I began to get this prickly feeling at the base of my neck, and I swear the fine hairs on my arm stood at attention. This feeling happened every time the little girl would make her ghostly appearance, and I knew it was about to happen again. I stood near the dining room table, my gaze locked on the dark archway leading to our den. Any second, I was sure she’d materialize. Usually, she was a fleeing figure in a light-colored dress. Her long hair was a pale blonde, and it would whip behind her as she darted away.

While I was concentrating on the endless black void that led to our den, my mother ran the water in the bathtub. “Who’s up with you?” she called to me.

Of course, no one was with me, or so I believe. “No one’s up, Mom,” I gladly inform her.

“I said, who’s up with you?” my mother repeated the question, but now her voice held an edge.

She couldn’t hear that I answered her over the running water. My heart was already pounding in my ears with fright, and her question of ‘Who’s up with you?’ sent me toward panic mode. My mother could see someone in the kitchen with me, someone I couldn’t see. I backed up a few paces before I sprinted to the bathroom as if this ghostly presence was chasing me.

“No one is up with me!” And I do believe I did a little fright dance, and my voice became a high-pitched shrill.

My mother’s brows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean? I saw a hand reaching for you.”

She had been sure that one of my siblings had slipped out of bed. However, they were all fast asleep.

Even though I didn’t see the presence, I believe it was our resident ghost girl, who had appeared off and on throughout the years. She was the only consistent resident ghost at my parents’ home, but we’ve had others over the years, too. I sometimes wonder if she invites them over, telling them, “Hey, they’re a cool family. Come hang out with them for a while.”


About Karen Michelle Nutt

Karen Michelle Nutt resides in California with her husband. Though her three children are grown and starting their own adventures, she still has a houseful of demanding pets.

When she’s not time traveling, fighting outlaws, or otherworldly creatures, she creates book covers at Gillian’s Book Covers, “Judge Your Book By Its Cover”.
Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, time travel or contemporary romances, all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love.

Website | Blog | Gillian’s Book Covers | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Amazon | Instagram | BookBub | GoodReads | LinkedIn | YouTube | Newsletter | IMDB |

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Spooktacular #Halloween Spotlight: #Vampire Musings

Hello Dear Readers,
Halloween month is in full swing and so is Bewitching Book Tour’s Halloween Spooktacular! Here’s a look at a compilation of short stories featuring my favorite creature of the night: Vampires! Plus, be sure to check out the flash fiction piece by one of the authors in the compilation, and enter the tour giveaway, too!
xo, Celia

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Vampire Musings
Articles and Short Stories Compiled by Bertena Varney

Title: Vampire Musings: Articles and Short Stories
Compiled by: Bertena Varney
Release Date: May 29, 2022
# of pages: 259

Join 16 vampire fans and writers from around the world for their musings on vampire music, movies, fun facts, and even mesmerizing short stories. This book will make you feel like you are in a room with friends discussing the various vampires that each of you love spanning from aristocratic vampires, to primal monsters, to the Twilight vamps. So, sit down in your comfy chair, turn on the vampire music provided in this book, pick up that Bloody Mary, and escape to a world full of vampires.

There is a recount of the life of Anne Rice, reviews of books, movies, and television shows, a look at vampires as religious figures, romantic stories, and traditional stories of the vampire.

Each of these stories holds intrigue for fans of creatures of the night.

Contributors include: Audrey A’Cladh, Azurdee Garland, Bitten Twice, Bertena Varney, Carrie Rogers, Isabella Gibbons, Jacqueline Gibbons, Kathryne LeFevre, Kyle Germann, Mary Jackson, Matthew Banks, Phaedra Walker, Roxanne Rhoads, Selah Janel, Simon Bacon, and Stavros Cockrell.

These contributors range from a 12-year-old actress, to college professors, librarians, paranormal romance authors, and even those that live the life of a vampire.

The cover art was created by Stavros while showcasing the model Xamie wearing fangs from Kaos Kustom Fangs, LLC. The model is both alluring but dangerous. She is a great representation of the book and the various stories that are told within.

Amazon | Amazon | Other Book Outlets via Books2Read

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Consumed by Carrie Rogers

In late March London, I decided to begin a new life. All of the people who I cared for were gone. Headed off to find something new, I made my way through the busy streets. Beggars lined the route to the Atlantic transport.

Stepping to the ticket window, I asked, “where is the boat headed?”

“America,” He answered.

“One, please!” I said, handing the man my money. He gave me a ticket and asked my name.

“Randis Blackburn.” He wrote my name along with the other ship passengers.


“22.” seems like a good number. After all, my age was unbelievable.

I was waiting for my turn to board the ship. Watching the ship’s two giant smokestacks as they puffed angrily. Parents said goodbye to their children, knowing they might never see them again. A child smiled, waving frantically. I waved back. Her smile was sweet, intentions pure. The feeling of life surged through me. Would I have the strength to leave if I had a child?

“Excuse me,” a quiet voice said, breaking me from my thoughts. I stepped to the side, apologizing for being in her way. “Is that yours?” she asked, looking down at an old worn brown trunk that sat at my feet.

“No,” I answered, gazing into her deep green eyes. I was frozen in place by the depth of her stare. There was something familiar about her; I couldn’t say what. She bent down, picking up the lock in her hand. She turned the key, opening the lock. She let out a sigh of relief as she pulled open the trunk.

The smell of wild roses filled the air around me. She turned and smiled at me quickly before shutting the lid. The scent of roses hit me once again. Locking the trunk and standing to her feet, she held her lacey gloves that she had taken from the chest in her pale hands. With a smile, she said,

“Good day, sir.”

“Please, Call me Randis,” I stuttered out.

“You are?” I asked as I took her hand, slowly lifting it to my lips and kissing her warm hand gently. I looked up to see her rosy cheeks. I had made her blush.

“Sarah.” She said in a nervous voice.

“Nice to make your acquaintance, Sarah.” Holding her hand in mine, I said, “Safe journey.”

“Same to you, Randis,” she said, pulling her hand from mine.

As she walked away, I felt that a part of me was now missing. I felt so alone, more alone than I ever had, as she disappeared into the crowd.


About Bertena Varney

Vampire Musings is the 11th vampire book written, compiled, and/or published by Bertena Varney, M.A., M.Ed. This book is an anthology of articles and short stories from academics and fans from around the world. The topics range from Anne Rice’s Life Chronology, vampire detectives, vampire art, vampire films, modern short stories of vampire romance and traditional gothic reads of tortured souls.

Bertena is a former Assistant Professor of Sociology and is still working in higher education.

She has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Morehead State University in sociology, criminology, history, and education. She spent these educational years studying pop culture.

She has been a guest speaker for multiple conventions including:
– Pop Culture Association National Conference in Washington DC
– Pop Culture Association Regional Conference in New Orleans
– Conjuration- A Harry Potter Convention in Atlanta, GA

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#UrbanFantasy Spotlight: Darkness Above

Hello Dear Readers,
We’re four days away from one of my fav months of the year, Halloween month. Yay! In October, you’ll see book spotlights from Bewitching Book Tour’s Yearly Halloween Spooktacular, and more. Today, please enjoy a look at a new release in Urban Fantasy from Author J.D. Brown. Be sure to enter JD’s giveaway, too.
xo, Celia

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hosts and Legends of Genesee and Lapeer Counties
Haunted America Series by Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani

Title: Darkness Above
Series: A Jordan Korento Novel
Author: J. D. Brown
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: September 12, 2022
# of pages: 500
ISBN: 9798844461750
Cover Design: BZN Studios

Her parents are legends but they’re losing the war. Now it’s her turn.

Jordan Korento spent her life training for the vampire war, but no one will give her a chance to prove she’s more than just a princess.

When Jordan learns of a twin brother who was sent to live in hostile territory, she takes destiny into her own hands, determined to save the sibling she never met and make her family whole.

Joined by her vampire ex-girlfriend who she still has feelings for—and the mysterious Sergeant who steals her breath with a single glance—Jordan embarks on a rescue mission to Bavaria, where nothing is what it seems. Will she find a kindred spirit in her twin or an enemy lying in wait?

Darkness Above (A Jordan Korento Novel 1) is an adrenaline-fueled urban fantasy full of dark magic and deadly creatures that are as sensual as they are bloodthirsty.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU |Kobo | BN | Apple

Darkness Above – EXCERPT


Torrance’s tone—half cheerful, half serious—cut through the bliss of a deep sleep as she shook me awake. “Rise and shine, birthday girl.”

My temples throbbed as I squeezed my eyelids tight and groaned into the pillow. “Ten more minutes.”

“Sorry, no can do.” Torrance yanked the covers away, and I curled into the fetal position against the sudden chill. “I already let you sleep in. Up and at ’em, soldier.”

“Ugh.” My eyelids peeled open, and I blinked to bring the room into focus. The angles confused me for a moment.

“Not my fault you insisted on working. I told you to take the night off.” Torrance offered me a paper cup of water and two generic brand pain reliever tablets. She wore her usual black tank top, cargo pants, and steel toe boots. Her dark shoulder length hair was pulled into a sleek ponytail at the nap of her neck. Torrance was unfairly beautiful with pouty lips, angular cheekbones, and a jawline that gave her features a touch of androgyny.

I sat upright and accepted the pills, swallowing them both in one go before gulping the water. The tip of my tongue ran across my chapped lips as I patted a hand against my auburn curls. My hair was doing that gross thing where half of it stuck flat against my cheek, glued to my drool, while the other half puffed into the air like a poodle’s ass.

“Why am I in your bed?” I asked while handing her the empty cup.

Like all the rooms in the Sword of Somnus Brotherhood dormitories, ours was tiny with two twin-sized beds, two narrow dresser drawers, and a single writing desk between them. I’d fought tooth and nail for this room, though, so I wasn’t about to complain. I just didn’t understand how Torrance’s navy-blue sheets had wound themselves around my legs. My bed stood directly across from hers, with its Buffy the Vampire Slayer comforter neatly tucked into the cheap faux wood frame.

Torrance tossed the paper cup into the wastebasket under the desk and then opened a drawer in my dresser. “You mean you don’t remember climbing in and saying we should be friends with benefits before passing out like a corpse?”

She pulled a pair of clean olive-green cargo pants and a matching t-shirt from the drawer and threw them at me. Since my reflexes were still steeped in alcohol, I didn’t catch the standard issued uniform in time and the clothes hit my face before falling to my lap.

“Sorry,” I murmured.

“No you’re not. Now go take a shower, you smell like vomit.”

I touched a hand to my cheek, where my hair was plastered to my face by something that might have been a little too thick to be drool. “I didn’t actually vomit though, did I?”

Torrance crossed her arms and arched her brow. “What do you think I’ve been doing all day? Mopping the floor because it was dusty?”

My gaze went to the mop and bucket in the corner. Neither of us owned cleaning supplies, so she obviously took it from the janitor’s closet at the end of the hall.

Even though vampires didn’t sleep, and Torrance had to occupy herself while I snoozed, she wasn’t my maid. It wasn’t her job to pick up after me. Especially not bodily fluids.

I winced and apologized again. “Sorry.”

Torrance pointed to our shared bathroom. “You can make it up to me by not being late.”

I nodded and then trudged into the facilities where I tiptoed over the cold tile and stepped into the single-person shower stall. I stripped and washed quickly but took a moment to examine the bruises over my ribs and thighs. I doubted Torrance would have let me fall on my ass during last morning’s party, so they must’ve been from training. None of them hurt. Much.

I dried and dressed, adding underwear, socks, and combat boots to the uniform. After applying ample leave-in conditioner, I used my fingers to separate the soft curls and then pulled them back into a ponytail, securing the locks with my favorite rainbow sequin scrunchie.

Torrance knocked on the door. “Done yet?”

“Just a sec,” I called out.

“We literally have three minutes to get to the Hall. I mean, I’m fast but ….”
I looked at my reflection in the mirror above the sink and sighed. I hadn’t meant to be hungover tonight. The party was supposed to be a small gathering, but every senior cadet and half the faculty had shown up. These days, people were encouraged to find happiness wherever they could, but that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be consequences. I could only hope that talk of last morning’s festivities didn’t reach Head Huntsman Chayton.

Or worse, my father.

“Jordan Korento, I will leave without you!”

I chuckled at the empty threat. Torrance was my bodyguard. She couldn’t go anywhere without me. But for some reason she always acted as though keeping me punctual was part of her job description.

Looking at my reflection again, I drew a deep breath and released it slowly. To be honest, being late to my shift was the least of my worries.

“This is it,” I murmured to myself. “Tonight, I meet my mother.”

I haven’t seen Mom since I was baby, which meant I had no real memories of her. I should be more excited. Other girls would be. Normal girls. But my family wasn’t normal. My father was a vampire king. My mother was a legend; a vampyre queen who’d done some badass shit in her lifetime. And now she was an elite assassin on her way home after twenty years of training.

No pressure, right?


Roxanne Rhoads headshot

About J.D. BROWN

J.D. Brown knows that vampires exist because she dated one, and no he didn’t sparkle. A magnet for subcultures and weirdness, J.D. was that socially awkward girl with more fictional friends than real ones. As a child battling a hearing loss and a medical condition called Muckle-Wells Syndrome, J.D. found comfort in books where strong women always saved the day and got the guy. An obsession with Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer lead J.D. to believe that her mutated genes made her something more, not something less. Thus her stubborn flare to persevere was born.

A lover of fine cuisine, coffee, and shoes, J.D. never understood why shoe stores don’t serve Starbucks and soufflé. She resides in Illinois where she writes urban fantasy – aka vampires for adults – and has political debates with her dogs. She loves to hear from fans and is active on Facebook.com/AuthorJDBrown.

Website | Facebook | TikTok | Instagram | Amazon | Newsletter

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1 2nd place winner will get a free ebook copy of Darkness Above.

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Spooky Spotlight: Ghosts & Legends of Genesee & Lapeer Counties

Hi Everyone! Fall is upon us and soon it will be Halloween month! Let’s get in the spooky mood with this book on haunted locales and urban legends, from authors Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani. Enjoy!
xo, Celia

tour banner

hosts and Legends of Genesee and Lapeer Counties
Haunted America Series by Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani

Title: Ghosts and Legends of Genesee and Lapeer Counties
Series: Haunted America Series
Author: Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani
Publisher: The History Press
Genre: History, Haunted History
Release Date: August 29, 2022
Format: ‎Paperback
# of pages: 144
ISBN 10 and 13: 1467149942 & 978-1467149945

Ghost stories and urban legends lurk throughout Genesee and Lapeer counties.

A Clio man’s spirit is thought to still reside in the junkyard office where he was murdered.

For almost two centuries, the Flushing area has been fascinated by tales of the wealthy Brent family whose land is connected to numerous tales of murder, mystery, and ghosts.

In Lapeer County, the Bruce Mansion’s unnerving façade hints at the specters inside, and the land and buildings once belonging to the Lapeer State Home are plagued by haunting cries and ghostly activity.

Join the authors of Haunted Flint, Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani, as they take you on a tour of Genesee and Lapeer counties’ most haunted locations.

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Ghosts and Legends of Genesee and Lapeer Counties – EXCERPT


Spooky stories and terrifying tales lurk in dark rural corners and on historic main streets throughout Genesee and Lapeer counties. Hospitals, cemeteries, and historic homes have numerous ghosts attached to them.

The secrets of the dead can be buried in history, but we like to dig into the archives and coax the stories back to life, if only for a fleeting moment with words on the page.

Several chapters in this book feature locations where history, true crime, and the paranormal intersect. These sinister tales of murder have led to locations full of paranormal activity. A Clio man’s spirit is thought to still reside in the junkyard office where he was murdered. The incident was billed as the internet’s first murder case and made nationwide headlines as the Instant Message Murder.

For almost two centuries the Flushing area has been fascinated by tales of the wealthy Brent family whose land is connected to numerous tales of murder, mystery, and ghosts. The land may also have ties to the brutal 1928 murder of 5 year old Dorothy Schneider.

The Lapeer State Home has ties to unethical medical practices, eugenics, and murder. The land and remaining buildings that once belonged to the home are considered to be extremely haunted.

We dive into the history and uncover the dark truths that have lead to such haunting tales. We hope you enjoy this tour of Genesee and Lapeer counties’ most haunted locations.


Roxanne Rhoads headshot

About Roxanne Rhoads

Roxanne Rhoads is an author, book publicist, mixed media crafter, and lover of all things spooky. Her books include Haunted Flint and Pumpkins and Party Themes: 50 DIY Designs to Bring Your Halloween Extravaganza to Life. She is the owner of Bewitching Book Tours, a virtual book tour and social media marketing company and she operates a Halloween blog- A Bewitching Guide to Halloween. She sells handcrafted jewelry, art, and home decor through her Etsy store The Bewitching Cauldron. When not reading or writing, Roxanne loves to craft, plan Halloween adventures, and search for unique vintage finds

Patreon | Tok Tok | A Bewitching Guide to Halloween | Bewitching Book Tours | Twitter | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Roxanne Rhoads headshot

About Joe Schipani

Joe Schipani is an integral part of Flint’s art community, with ties to local artists, galleries, bookstores, and the Flint Cultural Center.

As the executive director of Flint Public Art Project, he has curated an outdoor mural gallery in the City of Flint, with over 200 murals from artist all around the world. He also serves as the one of Flint’s Historic District Commissioners and loves learning about the history of old buildings. In 2019 he co-authored Haunted Flint with Roxanne Rhoads.

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#SummerReads #ParanormalRomance Tour: Eva’s Homecoming

Happy Summer, Everyone!

July is Camp Nanowrimo month, and I’m finishing up the third story for The Cupid Dating Agency, while taking my new Heartland Fae series on a week-long tour. Visit any tour stop to enter the tour giveaway for an Amazon e-gift card, and read an excerpt below from the first story in the series: Eva’s Homecoming. Enjoy!


Eva's Homecoming Bewitching Book Tours July 11 to July 15 2022


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7/13 Paranormalists (Guest blog: The Care and Feeding of Flower Fairies.)

7/13 Book Corner News & Reviews

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7/15 JB’s Bookworms with Brandy Mulder

7/15 Supernatural Central

7/18 Westveil Publishing

7/18 Serena Synn (Guest Blog: Eva’s Homecoming Playlist)

Book cover for Eva's Homecoming

About Eva’s Homecoming

A curse stole her away. Can true love lead her home?

After several years away for school and work, Eva O’Reilly is finally home. The West Coast was fine, but her heart belongs to the Heartland and the town where she grew up. Sadly, with her mother’s sudden passing and no other living relatives, Eva is alone and hurting.

Angus of the Tuatha Dé Danaan is elated his one true love has finally returned, and he’s determined to win her heart all over again. There are just two problems: she can’t see him or remember the Fae folk even exist.

As Eva mourns, Angus fights to dispel the veil keeping them apart. With the aid of a gang of flower fairies and the kindly elderly Wiccan next door, these cursed lovers may well receive a second chance at their happily forever after…

Eva’s Homecoming Excerpt

Angus stood in the center of the garden, throat tight and burning, a huge gulp of air trapped in his lungs.

Around him, a dozen diminutive flower fairies cavorted among the flora, chortling with glee. “She’s here, she’s here, our Eva is here!”

His gaze targeted the back door, body taut as he awaited his first glimpse of the female he loved. The only one he would ever love. Mo chroí, my heart. My heart walks the world, outside my body. “Come back to me.”

His voice was barely audible above the incessant chatter of the flower fairies. “We sang to her. She heard us! She liked it.”

“Hush,” he commanded, and they fell silent, vibrating with gleeful anticipation.
Seven years without her. The longest, loneliest bloody years of his basically eternal existence…


Eva stared out at the yard with haunted, brown eyes. Dark circles like the ones she’d sported months ago at the wake and funeral marred the perfection of her milky skin. He wanted to lay gentle kisses on her eyelids, nip the tip of her nose with its light dusting of freckles, lave her lips with his tongue then push it between those perfect lips…

“See me, Eva,” he whispered.

“See us,” Rosina echoed.

Eva cocked her head and touched her ear as if in response to their words. The incessant giggling of the flower fairies ceased, an expectant hush falling over the garden.

Though consumed with sorrow, Eva surveyed the yard with appreciation. Angus and the flower fairies had been tending to the yard and garden since she’d left. There was little to be done in the winter months but in the Fall, they’d trimmed and raked, then planted, pruned, and watered in Spring and Summer. Jasmine, lavender, and other blooming plants scented the air, and he watched his female take a deep breath.

Her shoulders seemed to lose some tension as she took in the neatly trimmed yard and carefully curated garden. “It’s perfect,” she said.

Angus’s heart swelled with pride at a job well done only to stutter in agony when her lovely brown eyes lingered on the central spot where he stood yet looked right through him.

“No. No, no, no,” he whispered. See me this time, Eva. Let the curse be gone.

Mrs. Murphy joined Eva near the door. “He tended it for you. From the moment you went off to school.”

“What?” Eva scanned the yard, then returned her attention to the spot where he stood surrounded by the flower fairies, all of them quivering with excitement.
“The garden, girl. He looked after it for you.”

Lines formed in Eva’s forehead, and her attention shifted to Mrs. Murphy. “I don’t understand, who did?”

He bowed his head and rubbed his brow. Each time she returns she still cannot See. My fault. All of this. Mine.


#ParanormalRomance #CoverReveal! Eva’s Homecoming

Hi Everyone!

Summer is here and so are my Heartland fairies!

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Eva’s Homecoming, the first story in my Heartland Fae series. Bookstore purchase links coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s the cover journey for this little tale…

Flip the Trope: Romance Gone Wild BOOK COVEREva and Angus’s love story made its first public appearance last summer in the romance anthology, “Flip The Trope: Romance Gone Wild,” edited by USA Today best-selling author Virginia Nelson. Virginia not only edited every story in the collection, but also created the fun cover. Bright pink! So eye-catching!

Eva's Homecoming First BOOK COVERThe anthology was a short-term publication, meaning my individual story would need a cover of its own. While the anthology was available, a separate cover for Eva’s Homecoming was created by the fabulous author and artist Rebekah Ganiere (VWZDesigns). The couple has amazing hair (love the flowing red hair so much!) and a sexy vibe. Rebekah made the series logo, too. In short, I love it!

Then, I started writing the second story in the series. During the writing process, I decided I’d like the series covers to focus solely on my strong alpha heroines. My stories are character-driven, and the women in the Heartland are smart, strong, and sassy. They deserved to take center stage.

With this new direction in mind, the multi-talented author and artist Brantwijn Serrah created the final, female-focused cover you see below. We do regular edit-for-art trades, which means you’ve seen her work gracing the covers of my Cupid Dating Agency series, as well. I hope you love this new cover as much as I do!

Eva's Homecoming FINAL BOOK COVER

As you can see, Virginia, Rebekah, and Brantwijn are incredible artists. Be sure to visit their websites to view more of their cover eye candy and to learn more about the stories they write.

Happy reading and happy viewing!

Jasmine Moon: Interview & Playlist

Hello Dear Readers,

Last but not least in the Black Hills Wolves Interview & Playlist posts, here’s Jasmine Moon, the third standalone story of my wolf shifter trio for the Black Hills Wolves multi-author series. Listen to the story’s playlist while you enjoy the chat with workaholic lovebirds Mina and Evan.

Jasmine Moon book cover

Jasmine Moon – YouTube Playlist


Music is an integral part of the writing process for me. It sets the creative mood for whatever story I’m working on and often inspires my Muse in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. Here’s the soundtrack for Jasmine Moon, a high-heat paranormal romance starring Evan and Mina. Happy listening!

  • “At This Moment” by Billy Vera & The Beaters
  • “Adia” by Sara McLachlan
  • “All Of Me” by John Legend
  • “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware
  • “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding
  • “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith
  • “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Locked Away” by R. City, Featuring Adam Levine
  • “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd
  • “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez
  • “House on Fire” by Sia
  • “The Fight” by Sia
  • “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX
  • “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League
  • “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran
  • “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails (NIN)
  • “House Record” (Original mix) by Steve Lawler
  • “Can’t Stop” (Original mix) by Steve Lawler
  • “Steve Lawler” (Livio & Roby’s Black Sea Coast mix) by Steve Lawler
  • “All Is My Love” by Miranda Wong
  • “Fantasy-Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Op. 66” by Frederic Chopin, played by Piotr Paleczny
  • “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27 No. 2; ‘Moonlight Sonata’” by Beethoven, played by Stephen Kovacevich

Jasmine Moon is the forty-ninth book in the Black Hills Wolves line, a multi-author, shared world series from Decadent Publishing, full of sexy wolf shifters. Each book in the series is a unique, stand-alone read. This means you can dive in and read the stories in any order you want, such as right here! My three “Moon” stories (Diamond Moon, Under A Mating Moon, Jasmine Moon) star the Luparell siblings and their love-interests. Happy reading!

Want more music? Check out the soundtracks for the other 2 Moon stories:
Diamond Moon | Under A Mating Moon

Book cover and quote for Jasmine Moon

Jasmine Moon Character Interview: Evan & Mina

Celia: Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping by the blog today! I’m here with Evan and Mina from Jasmine Moon. I’ll let them introduce themselves…

Mina: Hi, I’m Jasmine, but everyone calls me Mina. Except for Mom. I’m forever a flower to her. *laughs*

Evan: Mina suits you. You’re fierce. Hi, I’m Evan, also known as the eldest Luparell sibling.

Celia: And you’re both workaholics. *They nod* Please describe yourself for our readers.

Mina: I’m a redhead. I’ve been told I’m a bit snarky like my pal Lexi.

Evan: You forgot to mention freckles. Love your freckles. As for me, I’m tall like the rest of my family, with short brown hair, and brown eyes.

Mina: Whiskey brown eyes, you doofus. So golden. And he’s gorgeous.

Evan: If you say so.

Celia: *grins* You’re a totally cute couple. Where are you from originally and where are you living now?

Mina: I’m from Southern California. Ventura. I’m in Los Lobos for the wedding. I designed the bride’s dress.

Evan: I was born and raised in Indiana. My work is there as well. I’m also in Los Lobos for the wedding.

Celia: It’s going to be a great time, I’m sure. Let’s play a short round of this or that. Breakfast: eat it or skip it?

Mina: Eat it. I love breakfast food. Especially donuts.

Evan: Eat it, but bacon, eggs, and sausage. Shifters need protein.

Celia: Beer or wine? Coffee or tea?

Evan: Whiskey. And coffee. Sometimes together. Midwest winters are brutal.

Mina: Yesssssss! Irish Coffee is the best on a snowy night in front of a fireplace.

Celia: Sounds lovely. Next up: Mountains or Beach? Snow or rain?

Evan: Mountains and snow.

Mina: Ha! Beach and rain, but I have to say the Black Hills are awesome could someday possibly feel like home…

Celia: Last this or that: Commitment or fling?

Mina: Ohhhhh, you went there. Well, I might have said fling, once upon a time, but then I met this guy. *points at Evan and winks*

Evan: Same. I thought I didn’t have time for a committed relationship, but then I ran into this spirited redhead at an airport…

Celia: We’ll leave it right there. Thanks to you both for chatting with us today, and thanks again, dear blog visitors, for checking out Diamond Moon, Under A Mating Moon, and Jasmine Moon!


Book covers for Diamond Moon, Under A Mating Moon, and Jasmine Moon

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