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My Black Hills Wolves tour has ended. Here are some bonus materials for Under A Mating Moon, the second standalone story in my set of three for the Black Hills Wolves multi-author series. Please enjoy the story’s playlist as well as a chat with Lexi and Jake, the lovebirds of the story.

Under A Mating Moon book cover

Under A Mating Moon – YouTube Playlist


Music is a big part of my daily life: my daughter sings, I play the piano, my husband works on electronic music tracks, and we all listen to our favorite artists du jour. Music inspires and motivates us, and it’s an essential part of my writing process. Here’s the soundtrack for Under A Mating Moon, a high-heat paranormal romance starring Jake and Lexi.

* “Apologize” – OneRepublic
* “Say Something” – Great Big World
* “I Threw It All Away” – Saint Etienne
* “Let Her Go” – Passenger
* “Easy” (Switch Screens) – Son Lux featuring Lorde
* “Sail” (Unlimited Gravity Remix) – AWOLNATION
* “Kino-l Mix” – Ani, Lee Douglas
* “Hear Them Calling” (Chemical Burn Mix) – Single Cell Orchestra
* “Talatone” – Blawan
* “When I Was Your Man” – Bruno Mars
* “Tenerife Sea” – Ed Sheeran
* “Complex Chemistry” (Carl A. Finlow Remix) – The Pretension All-Stars
* “Storm the CPU” – Bass Kittens, Volum
* “Robotique” – Bass Kittens
* “I’m OK With That” – Justin Maxwell
* “Get Me” – Justin Maxwell
* “Synchronize” – Justin Maxwell
* “Bad Habit” – Justin Maxwell
* “That’s What I Like – Original Mix” – Mark Pistel, Jack Dangers
* “Planet Shock Future Rock” – Buck Funk 3000
* “Innocence” (Original Mix) – Nero
* “You Can’t Stop” (Paul Johnson Remix) – Auto Repeat
* “To The Beat” – Matt Whitehead
* “Stay Up” – Evil Nine, El-P
* “Kintamani” (Hanoman’s Forest Mix) – Transglobal Underground
* “Piano Sonata 1. Allegro Non Troppo” – John Ireland, Malcolm Binns

Under A Mating Moon is the twenty-seventh book in the Black Hills Wolves line, a multi-author, shared world series from Decadent Publishing, full of sexy wolf shifters. Each book in the series is a unique, stand-alone read. This means you can dive in and read the stories in any order you want, such as right here! My three “Moon” stories (Diamond Moon, Under A Mating Moon, Jasmine Moon) star the Luparell siblings and their love-interests. Happy reading!

Want more music? Check out the soundtracks for the other 2 Moon stories:
Diamond Moon | Jasmine Moon

Book cover for Diamond Moon

Diamond Moon Character Interview: Lexi & Jake

Under A Mating Moon Character Interview: Jake & Lexi
By Celia Breslin

Celia: Hi Everyone, thanks for visiting the tour! I’m here today with Jake and Lexi from Diamond Moon. I’ll let them introduce themselves…

Jake: Hi, I’m Jacob Marsden, but my friends and family call me “Jake.” My fans know me as DJ Lone Wolf.

Lexi: And I’m Alexina Luparell. Call me Lexi. Everyone does.

Celia: Please describe yourself for the readers? What is your hair color? Eye color?

Jake: Sandy blond, I suppose. Blue eyes.

Lexi: He’s so modest. Sexy, sky-blue eyes. As for me, I have light brown hair and amber brown eyes. Jake says they’re the color of whiskey.

Celia: And where were you born? Where is home, currently?

Jake: I was born in Bath, England. My family relocated to Indiana where I was raised until I was fourteen. Then we moved to Coventry, England, where my father is the Alpha of the local pack. I have an apartment in London, but I’m currently on tour in the U.S., so I suppose you could say I’m living on the road…and, I’ve stopped in Los Lobos, South Dakota for a brief break. I have family there.

Lexi: I was born in Los Lobos but raised in Indiana, right alongside this doofus here. *nudges Jake* I currently live in Southern California. I’m in Los Lobos right now to help my brother plan his wedding.

Celia: What a nice sister you are! Speaking of family, who are you closest to?

Jake: My sister Jade, though we don’t see each other that often due to my travels. When I was a kid, I spent most of my time with her and her best friend. *points at Lexi*

Lexi: *waves* Yep, that would be me, the best friend. I’m closest to my brother Ross, and to Jake’s sister Jade.

Celia: Great! Let’s get deep: what or who is the greatest love of your life?

Jake: The “who” is Lexi. I’ve known she was my mate since we were kids. She, on the other hand, refused to believe me back then. The “what” is music. I love composing in many genres, including modern classical, contemporary jazz, and electronic, particularly electro and techno. *smiles* Yes, I’m aware of how unusual that is.

Lexi: Aw, isn’t he sweet? And crazy talented? My “what” is art. I’m really into studying the human form. And I design avatars for video games. It’s a fun gig.

Celia: What is the quality you most like in a person?

Jake: Compassion and intelligence.

Lexi: There’s nothing sexier than a guy with brains… *ogles Jake* …And tattoos and piercings.

Celia: What do you most value in a friendship?

Jake: Loyalty.

Lexi: Ditto on that. Unconditional acceptance is good, too.

Celia: Unconditional love and acceptance sounds good to me, too! Last question for today: which word or phrase do you tend to use too much?

Jake: *chuckles* Lexi would tell you I call her “Sunflower” too often. But I know she secretly loves it.

Lexi: Busted! And since we’re going for pet names here, I’d say, “J-Bird.” *smirks* I intend to continue overusing it, too.

Celia: Thanks for chatting today, Jake and Lexi!


Book covers for Diamond Moon, Under A Mating Moon, and Jasmine Moon

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