Celia’s Comic Review: The Me You Love In The Dark

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I’ve been away from the blog since the December 2021 holidays, but I’m back now! The winter months were spent in the editing/writing cave and now Spring 2022 is upon us. I’ll have some new paranormal romance reads for you soon. In the meantime, check out the two reviews of “The Me You Love In The Dark” I wrote for the fab I Smell Sheep Blog. The review of issue #1 includes some art you’ll want to check out. Then, read my thoughts on the on the whole series.
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The Me You Love In The Dark COVER
An artist named Ro retreats from the grind of the city to an old house in a small town to find solace and inspiration without realizing the muse within is not what she expected…

Celia’s Reviews

Issue #1: I like a good ghost story, and this first issue of “The Me You Love in the Dark” sets me up to look forward to precisely that from the entire series. The opening hook is a classic thriller set-up: struggling artist Ro Meadows rents a haunted house, of course. Poor Ro doesn’t really believe in ghosts, but hey, if it exists, maybe it will help with her creative block. Or, maybe not…
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TP (collects issues 1-5): Shortly after I reviewed the first comic in this series, the TP landed in my inbox, and I immediately sank back into the spooky story. What a pleasant surprise to learn the dark entity isn’t a “ghost” but rather some sort of ancient dark entity who takes on the role of muse for our artist. But he’s not simply there to assist her with creativity and inspiration…
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