Spooktacular Spotlight on #ParanormalRomance: Sea Mage by @louisabacio

Hi Everyone! Louisa Bacio is here today with her Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Bewitching Book Tour to share her recent PNR release: Sea Mage. Plus, she gives us great tips on what NOT to do while on the hunt for ghosts, as well as some spooky movie tips. Be sure to enter Louisa’s tour giveaway, too. Details below. Enjoy!
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Sea Mage book cover

Title: Sea Mage, Book 10
Series:The Nightshade Guild (multi-author series)
Author: Louisa Bacio
Publisher: Celtic Hearts Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 14, 2021
# of pages: 120
Word count: 25K
Cover Artist: B Creative Designs

Take a SPLASH into a new paranormal romance.

Never stand down

Serena Moon treats life like a beach goer taking in the ocean’s tide. It’s all serene until you turn your back for a second, and an errant waves knocks you on your ass.

Know when you’re in over your head

When she’s entrusted with the safekeeping of the child elven queen, she enlists the help of mysterious — complete understatement— Peder, leader of the shifter sea dragons. Serena’s not sure what’s happening off the coast of SoCal but he’s got his own tricks.

It’s gotta be safe

It’ll take more than magic and mastery of the sea to take on the evil darkness determined to capture the world’s salvation. Serena and Peder must conquer unknown enemies and the complexity of love everlasting to save their hearts.


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5 Things NOT to Do While Ghost Hunting

By Louisa Bacio

Yes, I’ve done it – actually hunted for ghosts. I have no idea why it’s a thing when ghosts usually come to me. I’ve done tours in California, Savannah, San Antonio, Texas, and New Orleans.

One hotspot that never fails to bring some spectral what-was-that moments is the Queen Mary in Long Beach. From slamming doors to words appearing on the mirror (yeah, I know it could have been the previous guest, but it’s still freaky) to that absolutely creepy empty pool below decks, the floating historical landmark is filled with potential for haunting.

So how about a what not to do while ghost hunting?

Here’s my list:

5) Wear Holy Water like eau de perfume, dabbed behind the ears. You are looking for ghosts, right? You don’t want to scare them away.

4) Sit in a darkened room, and inform the ghosts they’re allowed to “touch you” to let you know they’re there. (No joke! I went to an event with Amy from Ghost Hunters, and she actually called out this invitation!)

3) Invite the spectral inhabitants to travel home with you. My advice: Let them haunt wherever they currently live. Instead, I thank them for their presence, and actual say they are not welcomed to come with me.

2) Wear high heels. (Come on, we’ve all seen the horror movie. Sensible shoes, only, please!)

1) Duck under the sheets in a historical house. Probably frowned upon, and I expect the living will ask you to leave.

Got any more tips?

5 Scary Movies for the Not-So-Scary Watcher

By Louisa Bacio

Let me tell you a secret: Although I love Halloween and all that goes bump-in-the-night, I’m not a fan of horror movies. I know! For those who like a little bit of a scare, here are a few suggestions.

5) Goosebumps (yes!)

What do you mean it’s for kids? Shhh! Have you seen those killer gnomes? Enough to be fear inducing, I tell you! This selection is by far the least scariest, I admit, but it’s all in good fun.

4) Shaun of the Dead

There’s nothing like a bit of humor to make zombies less scary. The crunchy of human flesh usually leaves me feeling a bit less than but the dark tongue-in-cheek laughs and awesome soundtrack make this flick more palatable.

3) 13 Ghosts

Don’t ask why because really I have no idea. But something about this storyline fascinated me. It’s a classic tale of family members inheriting a house that seems too good to be true, and in this case it definitely is! Trapped inside are 13 ghosts. The characters/costumes are terrifying on the surface, but overall it’s a perfect mix and not too gory. Bonus for actors such as Tony Shalhoub, Matthew Lillard (who will always be my Shaggy) and Shannon Elizabeth.

2) Scream

Maybe it’s the play of horror film mythology or the repeat watching, but Scream doesn’t quite frighten me. It has all the makings of a nightmare fest. The pop culture aspect adds another level of classic thriller. Although, I will admit to imagining the Scream mask reflected in a large plate glass window recently.

1) The Others

I first saw The Others in the theater with my young cousins, and let me tell you – it has a few jump scares! Nicole Kidman portrays the perfect mother, looking out for her kids, while her husband is fighting in the war. The house appears to be haunted, or is it?

Honorable mentions: Poltergeist (The Original) and the new Fear Street series on NetFlix (admission: I did cover my eyes a few times).

Louisa Bacio headshot

About Louisa Bacio

Since selling her first short story in 2010, Louisa Bacio has published more than 40 novels, novellas and short stories, including the paranormal The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf series and Winter Solstice Ménage. Watch for her upcoming Sea Mage in The Nightshade Guild series.

A Southern California native, Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. She shares her household with a supportive husband, two teenagers growing too fast, and a multitude pet craziness. In her other life, Bacio teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

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