New Release in #ParanormalRomance: A Warrior’s Kiss by @CeliaBreslin

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I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. As my family continues to shelter-in-place due to Covid and now the devastating Northern California fires, I’m busy writing a few stories for a new series: The CUPID Dating Agency. Author Candace LaVille created the shared world for this multi-author series. All books are separate, unique, standalone reads using their own version of “The Cupid Dating Agency”.

The backstory goes like this: A big war between Heaven and Hell happened, Lucifer lost and no longer runs Hell, humans know about angels/demons, and angels/demons/humans now co-exist and often get matched for potential partnerships (business and/or personal) by the Cupid Dating Agency. I’ve set my quartet of stories in the California wine country, where I have the cupids busy making love matches such as the one between Zeke and Nicky in “A Warrior’s Kiss”.

After you check out the details and excerpt from “A Warrior’s Kiss”, join me in celebrating my new release: follow the link to FreshFiction to enter my Summer Sunset contest and giveaway!

Title: A Warrior’s Kiss
Series: The Cupid Dating Agency
Author: Celia Breslin
Genre: Adult, high-heat paranormal romance
ISBN: 9781393477938
Word count/pages: 28K / 116pp
Cover Artist: Brantwijn Serrah
Release date: August, 2020
Special Release Price: $.99 (USD)

She’s chasing her dream. He’s after her heart.

French teacher turned entrepreneur, Nicolette Durand has one goal in mind when she leaves the big city, and it has nothing to do with men. Nicky doesn’t care how many dating edicts the cupids send her, she’s simply too busy. Then a hunk of surly angel crashes into her life.

Elite celestial warrior Ezekiel is less than delighted when the Almighty assigns him to Earth to help the cupids. Now he runs a gastropub with speed dating events. But Zeke may have to rethink his surly position on the gig after he meets the kind and curvy biz owner next door.

Nicky is sure she has no time for a relationship, not even with a gorgeous hunk of heaven, but Zeke is determined to convince her otherwise. Too bad hellbeasties intent on destruction and mayhem might stand in their way…

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Zeke and Nicky’s First Meet…

“Think he’s dead?” The whispered question quieted his internal whining.

Nice voice. Soft and smooth, like velvet. Feminine. Clearly, he wasn’t alone.

“He sure looks dead.” A second woman replied, louder and with a chuckle.

He suppressed a scowl and kept his eyes closed. She thinks this is funny?

Bodies shifted behind whatever his head had cracked into, edging closer to either side of him.
“There’s no blood, though,” she of the velvet voice murmured. “Shouldn’t there be blood? […].”

Ah, their business neighbor. She came to a halt near his head, her body heat and peaches-and-honey scent saturating his senses. He should open his peepers and say something, see if the female looked as good as she sounded and smelled.

Shit. Where had that reaction come from? He had no room in his life for a woman, especially not a mortal woman.

“Maybe we should check for a pulse,” the one Peaches had called Maya suggested.
“I’m not touching his body.”

Fast reply from Peaches. Jesus, did he look so horrible? And double Jesus, why did her opinion matter? He must have hit his head harder than he imagined.

“C’mon, girlfriend. It’s a big, beautiful body. How can you not want to get your hands on it?”

Listen to your girlfriend, Peaches. No. Wait. Belay that order.

“Really, M? One-track mind much?”

He tensed to haul his ass upward, but a soft, gentle hand landed on his shoulder, feather light, then slid down his bare arm, kicking up a riot of electric sensation along his skin. He should move, but damn if he didn’t want to see what she would do next. Or touch next.

Warm fingers palpated his inner wrist, right over his madly beating pulse. Racing for her? A human female he hadn’t even laid eyes on? Shit. […]

Eyes shooting wide, he sat up.

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