Spotlight on High Heat #Romance: The Mediator by Candace Laville @LavilleAuthor

Hello, Dear Readers and Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m super psyched to share a new erotic romance series with you, The CUPID Dating Agency. It’s a multi-author, shared-world series populated with demons, angels, humans, and of course, cupids. Each story is a unique, standalone read. I’ve been invited to write stories for the series — hurray! — and will give you all a look at what I’m whipping up later this year. First up in the series for February we have Candace Laville’s high heat menage, “The Mediator”. Enjoy! xo, Celia…

The Mediator book cover, by Candace Laville, The CUPID Dating Agency series

Title: The Mediator
Author: Candace Laville
Series: The CUPID Dating Agency
Series #: First book in series (standalone read)
Genre: Adult, erotic romance (HEA, ménage, threesome)
Publisher: Smart Heart Publishing
Date of Publication: February 5, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-911573-13-5
Page/Word Count: 86 pages / ~25,000 words
Cover Artist: Pam Palmer

General elements: angels, demons, Valentine’s Day, humor, very explicit sex scenes, strong language; heat level 5, reading time ~2.5 hours

That Kerry’s birthday falls on the most romantic day of the year sucks. That she’s set up on a date with both an angel and a demon sucks worse. But she’s about to discover that being trapped between good and evil makes for one hell of a good time.

Mike and Cal, angel and demon, are reluctant business partners. To help them get along, Cupid sends a mediator called Kerry, but rather than working on a truce, the guys are soon locked in a different battle, this time over Kerry’s smoking curves.

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The Mediator Excerpt

(First Meet, Cal’s POV…)

“My dear Miss Dalton.” The cupid pressed a button at the side on his chair. A motor whirred as his seat rose up. “The terms and conditions set out that the appointment is to last twenty-four hours.”

“That’s crazy.” She ripped the card out of his hands and held it in front of her. “Twenty-four hours? What kind of date lasts twenty-four hours?”

Any date with me, baby.

“This one will.” The cupid didn’t relax his tone.

She slumped her shoulders. “Fine. Do you have a photo database of losers, or do I pick a name from a hat?”

He aimed his hand at Mike and me.

We practically shot up in unison.

“Oh.” Her gaze, from light-blue eyes, drifted from me to the angel. “Sorry about the loser comment.”

I smirked. “No problem.”

Angel sissy to my left mumbled something incomprehensible. Yeah, dude had no idea how to handle a woman like that.

She leaned toward the cupid and cupped her mouth. “Which one?”

The cupid beamed. “Both.”

Kerry coughed into her fist, eyes wide. “Ha. You nearly had me. Seriously. Which… Which one?”

“Both. This is not a date, though, you understand. The cupids’ responsibilities go far beyond merely pairing up couples. I’m pleased to tell you that we have determined that you are a rare mediator, the perfect match for these two gentlemen.”

She faced us, her hands gripping the edge of the desk to her left and right. Her clothes looked like she’d got dressed at night, but I was more interested in what lay beneath anyway.

“A mediator?” The poor baby almost hyperventilated.

Mike leaped forward and guided her to his chair. His hand oh-so-accidentally brushed her full breasts.

What a dick.


About Candace Laville
Candace is a UK author who writes romance and erotica. When she’s not engrossed in writing, she enjoys traveling and sightseeing, and adding to her ever-growing shoe collection.

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About The CUPID Dating Agency

The secret is out: angels and demons walk among us. The Cupid Dating Agency, once merely responsible for aligning the fates of compatible humans, have expanded their portfolio. Operators of luxury cruises and charitable organizations are as valued as casinos and trendy bars, and it’s up to the cupids to find the angels, demons, and humans who will run these businesses. Should a heavenly attraction between the participants lead to all sorts of sinful fun, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

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