Spotlight on #ScienceFiction: Siren’s Song by K. M. Tolan

Hello Dear Readers! Here’s a sci-fi treat for you, from fellow Champagne author, K. M. Tolan. I was K. M.’s editor for this fab story and let me tell you, it’s one heck of a fun sci-fi ride. More info and excerpt below. Happy reading! xo, Celia

Siren's Song by K M Tolan Book Cover

Title: Siren’s Song
Author: K. M. Tolan
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Champagne Books
Date of Publication: July 4, 2016
ISBN: 9781771552424
Page Count: 270
Award: Finalist, Science Fiction category, 2018 Epic Awards

He was of two minds about everything, and one of them wasn’t human.

Humans call the crystalline creatures Sirens. They can kill with a scream. Decapitate with a single slash of their cutting fins. The aliens are the most vicious life form Earth has ever encountered, and Scott has one trapped in his mind. Her name is Water, and her hatred for Scott’s species is only matched by her desire to be free of him.

Scott couldn’t agree more, but neither of them understand the cost of letting her out.
In order to save their sanity, Scott and Water have to save her people.

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Siren’s Song Excerpt

The mountain lion snarled, baring yellowed fangs. It should be running for the high country, not swishing its tail at him.

Swallowing back his growing dread, Scott eased two big knives from their holsters on his pant legs. “Get out while you can, kitty. I seriously don’t want to do this.”

Kitty didn’t understand the message. The animal’s shoulders bunched.

Fear rose in Scott’s throat. He edged closer to a red fir next to the cabin, knowing how nature intended these issues to resolve. Nature, however, didn’t figure on his particular madness. The source of his twisting guts had nothing to do with the cougar. It was already dead. He reached into a part of himself a legion of psychologists had failed to lock down. The imaginary fishbowl in his head. Scott shoved the lid back with a shudder. He saw her clearly, coiled up in a crystalline ball. He always saw her, thanks to those damn crystals stuck in his skull.


His personal demon stirred much like a snake rising from a lethargic torpor. Snakes didn’t sing, though. Nor did they look like a murderous sea angel rendered in crystal, fins rippling with bioluminescent menace.

Why do you wake me, thief? Her reply was a melodic vibration through his skull, serrated with venomous undertones.

“Something for you to kill.”


About the Author

K. M. Tolan is a science fiction and fantasy author with seven books published through Burst Books (Champagne Books SF/F imprint). His first two novels in the “Blade Dancer” series were both finalists in the EPIC E-book Awards for Science Fiction. “Blade Dancer” was accepted into the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives at Texas A&M. “Rogue Dancer” received his publisher’s award for best novel of the year, as did his first fantasy “Tracks” (which also made the EPIC E-book finalist list). Mr. Tolan is a software engineer, a combat veteran, and lives near Austin, Texas.

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