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I have a spicy treat for you today, compliments of author Sionna Fox. Please enjoy this spotlight and review of her new release, and be sure to enter her book tour giveaway (details and link below). Enjoy! 🙂

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Title: Dark Rooms
Author: Sionna Fox
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Date of Publication: 27 July 2017
ISBN: 78-1-944262-82-2
ISBN: 978-1-548299-49-1
Word Count: 40,000 words
Cover Artist: Boroughs Publishing Group

When they met on Friday night, he dominated her. When he walks into her photography classroom on Wednesday morning, the question is, who’s in charge.


Women beg Wes Oliver to dominate them in darkness. In the light, he’s finally getting his life back on track. College is priority number one—until he finds his new professor is the delicious Sub who ran out on him last weekend, a brilliant and mature beauty nothing like the girls who usually kneel before him. Suddenly, this is no longer just about pleasure. This is about his heart.

Aimee Eastman has rules. Rules for herself. Rules for her college photography students. Rules for the partners she submits to at private BDSM house parties. Then the hot young Dom who topped her last weekend walks into her classroom and all boundaries fly out the window—or would if she could just give up control. Like she wants. Like she needs. Then she and Wes might share forever.

Boroughs Publishing

Celia’s Review

DARK ROOMS hooked me from the first page, where our hero and heroine, Wes and Aimee, meet at a private, BDSM party. Instant attraction leads to negotiation leads to a sensual first encounter for our budding lovebirds. This opening scene played well and had me eager to turn e-pages.

From there, Fox adds some fun layers of conflict to impact the potential relationship. First, Aimee is older and wants commitment-free hook-ups; Wes is younger and looking for a committed partner. Second roadblock: she’s one of his college teachers. Oops! While our hero doesn’t mind the teacher-student issue, our heroine does. And what’s worse, they both have some past relationship baggage to overcome. Wes is better at this than Aimee and ready to help her stop letting her past define and ruin her future. Yay, Wes!

In addition to a believable and entertaining romance arc, Fox provides interesting settings. Aimee’s two gay BFFs (fun secondary characters), throw the invite-only private parties in their lovely home, chock-full of kink equipment. Nice visuals. The other backdrop, the photography classroom and its dark room, provide Wes and Aimee opportunities to up the sexual tension in their budding relationship. I enjoyed this immensely, along with Aimee cursing like the proverbial “trucker”, and the occasional Princess Bride reference.

To sum up, Dark Rooms is a fun, kinky, sexy fast read, and a “yes” for your TBR list. Enjoy!

Review Excerpts

Here are a few excerpts to whet your reading appetite.

(Aimee, first day of school, showing her love for photography:)

She always struggled with how much information to overload them with on the first day. She could never be sure what piece of the puzzle a student would discover that would make them want to stay, and her impulse was to appeal to as many of those possibilities as possible. Would it be holding a camera, taking it apart and seeing how it worked? Seeing the world through the lens? Or would it be the feels and smells in the darkroom itself, like it had been for her? A place to hide, where time was measured in increments of exposure, development, stop, fix, rinse.

* * *

(Wes, having a laugh with Aimee about the teacher-student situation, and wanting her…)

“God, how am I supposed to give you a grade?” She sighed and met his eyes for the first time since he walked into the lab that morning.

“Factor it into the curve.”

She dropped her scowl and a smile played at her lips as her chest started to shake with suppressed laughter, releasing the tension in the room. It was a chain reaction. He laughed harder, then she did, until they were both snorting and wiping at their eyes. It killed him to see her like this. He wanted more of her.

He folded his legs and slid down the wall until he was sitting on her floor. He looked up at her, her green eyes shining with amusement, cheeks flushed, one hand on her chest. She was so fucking cute it hurt.

* * *

(Aimee, on the student-teacher conundrum: )

She had never looked twice at a student before, not once. […]

Now she had a student who had seen her naked, in every way. He’d seen her other self, knew her in a way most of the world never, ever would. She’d actually entertained the thought of seeing him again, had watched the marks he’d left on her skin fade with a kind of satisfaction, had wanted him to make more. It couldn’t happen. Not now.

It didn’t matter. She hadn’t been counting on seeing him again. Sure, they might have had fun a few times, but he’d move on to someone who would give him more, who wouldn’t run out of the room when he asked for her number. She had seen it in his eyes as he’d watched Hank flog Ed. He wanted what they had.

* * *

(Lastly, some hot phone sex!)

“Are you alone, Aimee?”


“Take off your clothes.”

If she obeyed that order, everything changed. She meant to say no. To tell him again how it could never happen between them. “Yes, sir,” came out of her mouth instead. A whispered affirmative as she slipped her free hand into the waistband of her pants and slid them over her hips.

“Tell me about it.”

She paused with her leggings halfway off. “I’m on my couch. I’m sliding my pants down my thighs.”

“Tell me how your legs feel under your hands.”

“Warm, soft.” She pulled her feet free and kicked the pants to the side.

He hummed in her ear. “Take off your shirt. Set the phone down if you have to.”

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About the Author

Sionna Fox has been writing stories her whole life. Her first book was about dinosaurs, and according to her mother, it was adorable. Sionna was late to the romance game, but hasn’t looked back since picking up the habit and firmly believes romance novels can save your life. She lives in New England with her very patient husband and a very put-upon dog.

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