Valentine’s Day Blog Hop & #Giveaway 2/12/17 – 2/18/17

Hello Dear Readers and a Happy Valentine’s Week to you!

Valentine's Day blog hop graphic, Feb 12 to Feb 18, 2017

It’s time for another fun blog hop for Valentine’s Day! Over 15 authors have banded together to bring you fun reads and prezzies at every stop, including mine. Plus, be sure to enter our fabulous grand prize giveaway for an Amazon Echo Dot!

In keeping with the hop’s romantic theme, here are three romantic snippets from DIAMOND MOON, UNDER A MATING MOON, and JASMINE MOON, my paranormal romance trilogy within the Black Hills Wolves universe.

New to the Black Hills? It’s a multi-author, shared world created by Decadent Publishing. All books in the series are stand-alone and can be read in any order. Feel free to start here. 🙂

Diamond Moon Book cover Under A Mating Moon Book cover JASMINE MOON BOOK COVER


…he peppered her skin with slow, gentle kisses. He needed to take this slow. Mustn’t scare his mate.

When she reached out and stroked his hair, she made him the happiest man in all of Los Lobos.

Her breath left her in a sexy rush. “It’s as silky as it looks.” She bit her lip, her brow furrowing as if she hadn’t meant to say those words out loud.

He smiled. “Play away, Moonbeam.”

A shudder rolled through her. […] His control broke. To hell with this.

He burst to his feet. “Don’t move, Moonbeam.”

He strode around the table. She watched him come, hands clutched against her breasts, eyes wide, cheeks flushed a pretty pink.

He shifted her chair so she faced him then knelt before her. His gaze met hers at this level, an intimacy he fucking loved. He gripped her wrists and moved her unresisting hands to rest on his shoulders.

Her fingers curled, nails scraping his skin through his T-shirt, sending jolts of lust to his groin. “Why do you call me that?”

He gripped her knees and inched them apart, pleased when she didn’t object. She felt it, too, he was sure of it, the need for closeness created by the call of their Wolf-mate bond. “Call you what?”

She slid her hands to his biceps. “Moonbeam.”

He pressed in close, closer. “Your skin. Pale as moonlight.” He glided his hands along her outer thighs, over her hips, to circle her waist.

“Oh.” She let out a delightful shudder and stared at him, her parted lips tempting him closer.

A growl escaped his throat. He closed the distance and kissed her.



Wow, oh wow—J-Bird could kiss. Like melt her clothes clean off her body, kiss. Lexi moaned and parted her lips for Jake’s sexy, demanding mouth. He slipped his tongue inside, darting everywhere at once, exploring her so thoroughly her knees shook and she sagged in his iron embrace. God, his body was hard, nothing like the skinny kid from her memory. But his scent, that was the same. Musky man and smoky oak, like the white oak trees in the Hoosier National Forest where they used to hang when they were kids. Plus that sweet touch of maple. Delicious.

She let her tongue tangle with his, tasting the mint of his toothpaste mixed with the beer he’d obviously consumed before entering the house. Sparks of pleasure darted down her body all the way to her toes. Her boring ex, Dean, had never made her feel like this.

In fact, no one had ever kissed her like this, as if the zombie apocalypse had descended upon them and this was their last chance at happiness before doom struck them dead and ate their brains. Desperation, need, hunger, deep longing…it was all there in the way his hands clamped her tight to his torso, there in the way his mouth claimed hers, owning it.



The passenger door slammed shut. The driver snarled. “Luparell.” He said Evan’s last name like a curse, or a warning.

Shivers shot down Mina’s spine. Evan tightened his hold on her, his energy intensifying. He growled. The sound vibrated through her body, his energy lighting her up like a sparking fuse, damn near pulling a whimper of submission from her. She melted against him, his arms the only thing keeping her from a seat on the snowy ground.

The pickup truck sped off and disappeared in the worsening storm. Mina closed her eyes and let Evan’s warmth and strength soothe her frayed nerves. Were these truck-driving lowlifes the kind of wolves awaiting them in Los Lobos? If so, how on earth could her take-no-prisoners pal Lexi stand living there?

She cleared her too-dry throat. “Well, that was certainly interesting.” Silence greeted her comment. She wiggled in his grasp. “You can let go now.” A feral sound rumbled from his chest, bathing her body in goose bumps. Needy, lusty goosies. “Evan?”

He spun her around. Wild amber eyes gazed down at her, his hands squeezing the heck out of her upper arms. His chest heaved with his rapid breathing. Whoa, he looked so angry and worried and so crazy cute, her core clenched and spasmed with want. “Easy, Wolf Man. We’re okay.”

“The hell we are.” He kissed her.

Valentine's Day blog hop graphic, Feb 12 to Feb 18, 2017

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