Poem: Ritual for Lost Children

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Love Poem Challenge

Love Poem Challenge

I’m pleased to announce I won author Audra Middleton’s Love Poem Challenge! ::happy dance:: Thanks to everyone who visited my entry in the challenge! ☺

For those of you who missed it, here’s the scoop: Fellow Champagne Books author Audra Middleton challenged several authors to write a love poem in 25 words or less. So this month, I wrote a short variation of a longer poem from “Flow”, a collection of poems composed after the loss of my first child during the first trimester of my pregnancy several years ago. I’ve included the short version as well as the original one, below.

Love in all its varied forms is a popular theme in my writing. Here, it’s motherly love…

Ritual for Lost Children (version 2)
By Celia Breslin

Wrapped my heart
in smooth red cotton
tied with string

Placed it on the Lost Children’s altar
and breathed you free
to follow another path

Ritual for Lost Children (original, version 1)
By Celia Breslin

I said goodbye to you today
Wrapped up my heart

In smooth red cotton
Tied neatly with string

Placed it gently
On the Lost Children’s altar

Gave it to the Eskimo god
As the meditation bowl sang

And the Nag Champa smoked
A chorus of maternal moans

Release said the Buddhist monk
Release release release

So I loosened our psychic bond
And breathed you free

To flow into memory
To follow another path.

Poems, copyright 2002 – present by Celia Breslin, all rights reserved.

Audra’s Upcoming Visit

Author Audra Middleton, the creator of the Love Poem Challenge, will visit my blog on March 17 for an interview. In the meantime, visit her Web site to learn more about this fab author.

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