Meet My Characters Blog Hop: Carina and Alexander

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Fellow Champagne Books author Liz Fountain tagged me in the Meet My Characters Blog Hop, so I lured Carina and Alexander out of the Tranquilli Bloodline Universe to answer the questions for me. Take it away, you guys…

Are your characters fictional or a historic person?

CARINA: Fictional, though I object to that label. ::yanks on her hair:: I feel pretty real to me. What do you think? ::looks at Alexander::

ALEXANDER: ::small smile:: We’re fictional.

When and where is the story set?

CARINA: Present day, San Francisco, CA. A lot of the action happens in my dance club.

ALEXANDER: Not all of it. We have our…moments outside, in the museum, in my bed… ah, there’s that blush I like.

CARINA: I’ll get you back, wait and see. ::cheeky grin::

What should we know about them?

CARINA: Alexander is 45 in human years. He doesn’t look a day over about 28 since he was turned in his twenties. Oh, I suppose you should know he’s a vampire. He’s a native San Franciscan, and a kickass musician. And sexy as hell.

ALEXANDER: Flattery will get you everywhere. Carina is 25 and a successful businesswoman. Her dance club in the Castro is one of the best hot spots in town. She loves sushi and sake. And she’s smokin’ hot.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

CARINA: Oh boy, I’ll field this one. You see, I have this pesky vampire family. They messed with my head and left me alone for many years, but now they’re back. And lucky me, their enemies followed. I seem to be the center of their conflict, whether I want to be or not. Believe me, I do not.

What is the personal goal of the character?

CARINA: So, my author Celia named the first book in our series HAVEN for precisely this reason: my personal goal. HAVEN defined means “a place of safety or refuge.” I want to make a HOME for myself and my community. Estranged from my three brothers, I create a home for myself with my best friends. With my friend and business partner Adrian, I build our dance club, Haven. Our club is a safe space where *everyone* – regardless of race, religion, sexual preference – is welcome.

ALEXANDER: Carina is my goal.

CARINA: ::grins:: Sweet talker.

Is this novel published, and where can we read more about it?

CARINA: HAVEN and VAMPIRE CODE are both published. DESTINY is due out in November, 2014. Visit the Works section of my author’s Web site for more info on HAVEN (my story), VAMPIRE CODE (my uncle Jonas’s story), and DESTINY (my story).

HAVEN BOOK COVER Vampire Code Book cover DESTINY by Celia Breslin, Book cover

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