Spotlight: Tyrant of Tarsit by Holly Hunt

Tyrant Of Tarsit by Holly Hunt book cover

Tyrant Of Tarsit

It’s all a matter of timing…

The states of Arnhid and Tarsit have been fighting for centuries. Armundi, King of Arnhid has hatched a plan to take over Richard III’s kingdom and end this bloodshed once and for all.

The only trouble is the mysterious woman who’s fallen into his spy’s lap and is taking his role as spy. When Malcolm, Richard III’s sorcerer, begins to fall for the girl and aches to reveal what he knows of Arnhid to her, the spy must move quickly, before all their planning comes undone.

But in the ashes of the spy’s mission comes a tortured truth… A Dark Hero sparking to life…

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About Holly Hunt

An author living in Canberra, Australia, Holly Hunt writes a collection of works including Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Romance. Currently undergoing an apprenticeship in Butchery, Holly spends her days off writing and watching superhero cartoons.

Holly lives with her partner, Matthew, in a one-bedroom flat crammed with comics and movie memorabilia. She’s an active cosplayer, and makes her own costumes. She dreams of one day owning a big garden, three dogs and a cat, and can’t wait until that day gets here.

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