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Hi Everyone!

My author pal and critique partner Georgia Lyn Hunter recently tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Hop. Georgia Lyn writes paranormal romance featuring spunky heroines and tortured alpha badasses. In other words: hot stuff! Visit her Web site to read some excerpts from her Fallen Guardian series.

What am I working on?

Haven book cover

I’m currently editing two stories in two different series:

1. The second full-length novel of The Tranquilli Bloodline Series
(Teaser #1: Dixon returns to torment Carina)
2. The second novel in my, as of yet untitled Fae series.

In development:

1. A novella for the Tranquilli Bloodline series, featuring Carina’s badass, dominatrix bodyguard, Stella.
2. Werewolf paranormal romance (spin-off from Tranquilli Bloodline series.
(Teaser #2: yep, there are hot, Scottish werewolves in Carina’s second novel)
3. Faery story #3

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think everyone’s work differs. Our voices are as unique as our fingerprints!

Why do I write what I do?

My characters harass me until I sit my butt down in my chair and write their stories. ☺

How does your writing process work?

Vampire Code book cover

Characters come to me first. See the aforementioned mental harassment, LOL. Eventually, I sit down and plan their story. You’ve probably heard the terms plotter and pantser. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Step 1: Plan
I develop an outline/rough synopsis using Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure, create info sheets for my characters, build my backstory/world bible, etc.

I know. That sounds like a plotter, but…I write the outline and synopsis items in fairly broad strokes, knowing that my characters may very well stray off the planned course. And more power to them — some of the best ideas happen when I let my characters play like that. It’s an organic process, after all.

Step 2: Write
I stuff Editor Brain in a cage and let Artist Brain bust out a first draft.

Step 3: Edit/Revise
First draft in hand, Editor Brain is released from her prison. She gives me a vengeful glare and sets to work fine-tuning.

Step 4: Critique/Beta
After some editing, I trade critiques with one (or more) of my critique partners. After critique passes, more edits and revisions, the manuscript then goes to beta readers for feedback.

Step 5: Final Draft!

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