Blood Reunited by Amber Belldene

Hi, Everyone! It’s release week for my friend and critique partner Amber Belldene’s Blood Reunited, the third book in her Blood Vine paranormal romance series. Here are my thoughts on this last installment in her series. Plus, Amber is on tour this month to celebrate. Details below. 🙂

Love…Home…Family…Blood Reunited (Book 3, The Blood Vine Series)

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Tight, high-stakes plot, sizzling romance, tear-inducing drama, intense action, characters you’ll love to love and others you’ll love to hate…Blood Reunited has all that and more.

The third book in Amber Belldene’s Blood Vine Series, Blood Reunited centers around two of my favorite characters, vampire-human Bel and his ancient vampire love, Uta. Proud and stubborn and carrying a ton of baggage from their past, both characters kept me immersed in their will-they-won’t-they struggle. And, of course, their interpersonal conflict is exacerbated by the ongoing conflict for the series: Bel’s father, Andre, and the rest of the vampire cast seek a cure for the wasting disease threatening their race while undergoing the ever-escalating violence from their enemies, the fanatical Hunters.

Speaking of Hunters, brothers Lucas and Ethan are such well-drawn characters you can’t help but love the stuffing out of tenderhearted Lucas while you’ll want to drop a megaton of C4 on Ethan, the not-quite-sane leader of the Hunters. No spoilers here, but suffice it to say, Ethan performs some cringe-worthy antics on the page which had me saying, “He’s not going to do that… No, really? Oh wow, he just did that…” In other words, evil Ethan is a definite page-turner. Lucas, on the other hand, is so endearing I wanted to scoop up the big teddy bear and hug the stuffing out of him. And p.s. Lucas and Pedro’s love story also continues in this last book, adding an intense and compelling layer of drama to an already riveting plot.

Blood Reunited is a must-read for series fans and newcomers alike. For those new to this compelling series, here’s the recommended reading order:

1) Blood Vine
2) Blood Entangled
3) Blood Reunited


She flipped the arm separating their seats up and laced her hands into his hair, pulling his ear to her mouth. Her deft, slender tongue traced a wet line around the shell before she nibbled on the lobe with blunt teeth. Tingles crawled from his scalp down his shoulders and arms, and he pulled her onto his lap.

She whispered. “I have done many things in my life. But I am not yet a member of this club for people who have had sex on airplanes.”

She was already fumbling between them for his belt, her tongue pressed between her lips in determination.

He pressed his forehead into hers and chuckled. “Yes.”

He ached to be with her again like this, but he wouldn’t make the same mistake as last time. This would change nothing.


Brooding vampire halfling and biologist Bel Maras is determined to create a cure for the wasting disease that plagues his vampire family. His work becomes essential as the Hunters intensify their global and bloody campaign. When Bel’s cure fails, only his ancient and estranged godmother Uta Ilirije can help. But seeing the ice-cold Uta reveals something shocking–she is his bonded mate.

She may be a dangerous warrior, but Uta feels her failures acutely. She has been unable to protect her kind from Hunters, and vampires are dying out. Worse, she tied Bel to her long ago in an accident of blood, then abandoned him for his own good–a choice he has never forgiven. Many days, she is convinced Bel and the vampires would be better off if she just walked into the sun.

Biology has fated them to be mates. Now these old enemies must overcome their past to save the vampires and come to peace with the bond they never chose.

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Amber is on tour in January and February. Visit her blog stops and enter her awesome giveaway for books, wine glasses and more. Enjoy!


image, Blood Reunited Book cover, Amber Belldene Amber Belldene grew up on the Florida panhandle, swimming with alligators, climbing oak trees and diving for scallops…when she could pull herself away from a book. As a child, she hid her Nancy Drew novels inside the church bulletin and read mysteries during sermons—an irony that is not lost on her when she preaches these days.

Amber is an Episcopal Priest and student of religion. She believes stories are the best way to explore human truths. Some people think it is strange for a minister to write romance, but it is perfectly natural to her, because the human desire for love is at the heart of every romance novel and God made people with that desire. She lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco.

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