Sweaty Romance – What Moves You?

Hello dear readers. I was going to take a posting break this week but then Carina, my feisty heroine from Haven, gave me that don’t-you-dare look and offered to interview me on the romance topic. I didn’t dare say, no, LOL.

So let’s talk about love, shall we? And away we go…

Haven book coverHi Carina, thanks for taking the reins here. I’m ready when you are.

No Problem, Celia. I’ll keep it simple. For now. What’s your favorite romance?

Good question. And oh, there’s so much romance goodness out there. As you know from your own romantic experiences starring in Haven, I love urban fantasy (UF) with a strong romantic component. And I adore paranormal romance (PNR). I write and read both.

Highlander romance runs a close second to UF and PNR and the occasional Contemporary Romance also turns my head.

That’s great, Celia. And thanks for Alexander. He’s undead Awesome Sauce. Now, give us some specific reading recs, per favore.

My pleasure, Carina. Or rather, yours, re: Alexander *ahem*… 😉

As for specific romance titles, my favorite paranormal romance series include: Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark, J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series, Amber Belldene’s Blood Vine series, and Laura Kaye’s Hearts of Anemoi series.

Grazie for the reading recs. Now tell us, why do you like reading romances?

I like stories with a Happily Ever After (HEA), or at the very least a Happily For Now (HFN). Romances give me that, and more.

Fair enough. Do you have any fun/embarrassing stories from WRITING that sweaty scene? I just bet you do.

One evening, while I was working on a paranormal romance featuring a merman-human hybrid, my husband peered over my shoulder. I was working on a steamy scene set in the human heroine’s bathroom and my husband said:

“Your brain scares me.” Pause. “I wish I could unsee that.”

Best. Compliments. Ever. LOL ☺

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “you scare me…” (Carina shakes her head) but I digress. Okay, Celia, almost done with the interrogation, I mean, interview. Do you have a favorite sweaty scene?

Oh man, there are so many awesome sweaty scenes in so many delightful romances, how can I possibly pick just one?

Hm… Okay, sheesh don’t give me the evil eye!

Here: Laura Kaye’s *awesome* contemporary romance Hearts In Darkness features a man and a woman trapped in an elevator in the dark. Their interactions in the darkness are so, so good. Read my review for more info.

Va bene, Celia. Last question: Do you have romances to share?

Haven book coverYes. Let’s share yours, Carina.

Haven, an urban fantasy romance, will be available this July 2nd from Champagne Book Group. Vampires, love, mayhem…and of course, more fun with Carina.

Here’s the elevator pitch: San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli discovers latent powers and makes peace with her vampire family, destiny and soul mate, with Team Evil in hot pursuit.

And here’s a little romance snippet:

Alexander crushed his lips to mine. Need roared through me and my hands burrowed into his thick, silky hair, holding his head as if he might try to escape. He growled his approval against my lips, his kiss growing more insistent. He tasted metallic, like the blood he’d consumed. Again, I found I liked the taste…

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