Amber Belldene’s Debut Vampire Series

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Author Amber Belldene’s debut novel Blood Vine releases
January 8, 2013 from Omnific Publishing. It’s the first in what promises to be a superlative new paranormal romance vampire series. I was fortunate to beta read Blood Vine and let me tell you: if you like vampires, romance, alpha males, wine culture, and plucky heroines, you should check it out.

I’ll post a proper review in 2013. For now, follow the links below to learn more about Amber, the Blood Vine series and her compelling characters.

Blog Tour Stops

  • Cynthia Woolf
    Cynthia grills Amber about her writing habits, her pen name, and more. Includes a must-read wine tasting excerpt from Blood Vine.

  • Laura Kaye
    Cover reveal (= gorgeous). Plus, Amber talks about the making of Blood Vine and reveals her vampire preference from another vampire series (hint: he’s a total badass, dagger-wielding alpha male).

  • The Madeleine Project
    Amber answers a fun set of questions for “The Proust Questionnaire.”

Blood Vine Character Interviews

Six Sentence Sunday – Blood Vine Excerpts

Blood Vine Trailer

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