Nanowrimo 2012: Lessons Learned

book cover Nanowrimo ended 11/30/12 and I’m happy to report I “won,” meaning I’m 52,312 words closer to “The End” of another novel. Yay! I made it to the last scene of Act 2 (of 3) for my WiP Swim For Shore. As you know, if you read my post entitled the Next Big Thing, Swim For Shore is a paranormal romance featuring one wicked smart human-merman technology geek and a cute and brainy human literature geek.

Nanowrimo Discoveries

This wasn’t my first Nanowrimo writing marathon. This was, in fact, my fifth. I didn’t cross the 50K finish line ever year, but I was always happy I participated. And this year, I made some interesting discoveries. Here are a few of my light bulb moments.

  • Accountability.   Being required to report a daily word count is quite helpful for continued forward momentum. I was less inclined to get distracted by shiny objects and didn’t allow myself to spend eons on research (though I did fall down a couple of fun research rabbit holes, including graphic novels and surfing gear).
  • Support.   Nanowrimo is more fun when you have a bunch of writer pals cheering you on. I’m looking at you Amber, Paula, Trish, Ed and Tina.

    Entangled Publishing 2012 Nanowrimo Boot Camp Smack Down

  • Boot Camp.   Join a writing boot camp to whip your synopsis and outline into shape before Nanowrimo begins. Feedback one week prior to event, ongoing team support, and cheerleading during November = Priceless. Thank you Entangled Publishing Smackdown!
  • Tweeting.   See #Accountability and #Support (above). ☺
  • Sprints.   If you attend an online writing sprint, it is highly likely words will happen. My muse liked sprinting in the company of other writers. Thank you Angel and Savvy Authors for the motivational and productive November sprints.

The End
That’s all for now, dear Readers. Up next week: Fantasy author Graeme Brown pays a visit.

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