A Whodunit Book Review: Painted Jezebel

Painted Jezebel, by Jolie Pethtel

Painted Jezebel Book Cover One Fun Whodunit
Equal parts romance, comedy and mystery, Painted Jezebel serves up one neurotic writer, her clever and sexy publicist and a side of mayhem, murder, and love at a romance writer’s convention. The story opens with Jezebel’s soon-to-be love-interest, sexy Irish publicist Quinn resorting to kidnapping to get her out of her house and to the convention. From there, hilarity ensues, romantic sparks fly, and of course, someone is murdered. Jezebel isn’t your typical heroine. She’s agoraphobic, claustrophobic, prone to anxiety attacks, obsessed with neon-colored stickie notes. Likeable and endearing from the moment you meet her on the page. Her smart and sassy dialogue, along with her vulnerability and her attempts to rise above her phobias and tragic past (no spoilers here) make for a riveting read. Jezebel, Quinn and their entertaining cast of colorful supporting characters provide many laugh out loud moments and some surprising twists, making this first book in the Jezebel Jinx mystery series a must-read for genre fans and genre newbies alike.

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Enjoy more mayhem with Jezebel and learn about author Jolie Pethtel at their Web site.

You can find Painted Jezebel on Amazon.com, Coffee Time Romance Bookstore, and MuseItUp Publishing.

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