Bump in the Night Book Review: 10 Tales of Ghosts

Rayne Hall caricature by Kuoke

I love a good ghost story and the ten tales in Haunted, Ten Tales of Ghosts edited by Rayne Hall do not disappoint. Each short story is well written and unique with a clever ending. My favorites: the sci-fi ghost story, “A Puddle of Dead” (brilliant title) by Grayson Bray Morris, followed closely by the cautionary “be wary of hitchhikers” tale “Take Me To St. Rochs” by Rayne Hall. “Breakwater Beach” with its déjà vu by Carole Ann Moleti and “The Explanation for Ghosts” by Douglas Kolacki hooked me as well. But frankly, all ten were excellent reads. I highly recommend this anthology.

You can find this collection of good, spooky fun on Smashwords and Amazon.

Rayne Hall caricature by KuokeRayne Hall is professional writer and editor. She teaches online workshops for intermediate, advanced and professional level writers.

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Author portrait (Woman in Blue) by Kuoke. Copyright Rayne Hall.
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