Special Guest: Author J. D. Revezzo

I’m delighted to welcome a special guest today, my chapter mate from the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter of Romance Writers of America, J. D. Revezzo. She’s here to tell us about Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, an anthology of dark tales whose proceeds benefit cat charities. But first, let’s learn some fun facts about J.D.!

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing seriously for 16 years.

What’s on your bookshelf and/or in your To Be Read pile?
Agh! Too many books to count. I have a never-ending to be read pile but the top of my stack right now is The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte by Jolene Dawe and Catch the Lightning by Catherine Asaro

Do you have a favorite author?
Of course. Michael Moorcock, and Virginia Woolf top the list, then Poe, Asimov, Melanie Rawn, Romantic comedy author Kathy Carmichael…the list could go on for ages.

What two authors would you love to chat with over a meal? Better yet, what two authors would you take on a writer’s retreat? ?
Herm, a week alone to pick Michael Moorcock and Virginia Woolf’s brains would be fun. 😉

If the Earth was about to be destroyed to make way for a Hyperspace Bypass (Hello, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and you have mere minutes to vacate, what book would you grab to take with you? In addition to your towel, of course. ?
LOL – Good question! The answer would have to be Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock (are you sure I can’t take more than one???) or Warhound and the World’s Pain by Moorcock.

Favorite food:   Anything Italian, and coffee.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite music:   Again, an eclectic mix. Everything from Heart to Metallica, to indie artists like Kate Bush.

Favorite supernatural creature?   Do sorceresses count?

Favorite TV show?   Once upon a Time.

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate?   Milk chocolate?

Vampires or werewolves?   I like the idea of immortality….but…I’m partial to were creatures, like my were cat. 🙂

Sexy demons or sexy angels?   Actually, if I can’t have a sexy Celtic god or warrior…let’s go with Angels.

Dragons or witches?   Witches.

Tell us about your story and the anthology in which it appears.

The anthology in which my story appears, Dark Things II: Cat Crimes is a collection of twenty-one+ cat-themed stories, of dark mischief compiled by indie author Patty G. Henderson (Author of the Brenda Strange mysteries) with the intent of helping various cat charities, and no-kill shelters.

My story = “What Sekhmet Keeps” by J.D. Revezzo
Betrayed by a false lover, cat shifter priestess Onfalia Mau lost her lioness soul and freedom to her lover’s treachery and Sekhmet’s wrath. Now, after three thousand years, Donkar has returned with one thing in mind: to steal the goddess’s scepter. Onfalia knows that to do so means to unleash Sekhmet’s unholy, bloody Slaughter on the world and she’ll stop at nothing to foil Donkar’s plans.

Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, edited by Patty G. Henderson is available for purchase on Amazon.com

Tell us about your charity.
Cat House on the Kings. According to their website, they’re a no-kill, lifetime sanctuary for stray and abandoned cats, located out in California. If your readers wish, they can learn a little more about them at their website: http://www.cathouseonthekings.com/

About J.D. Revezzo
J.D. Revezzo has long been in love with writing, a love built by devouring everything from the Arthurian legends, to the works of Michael Moorcock, and the classics. Her short fiction has been published in Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, The Scribing Ibis, Eternal Haunted Summer, Twisted Dreams Magazine and Luna Station Quarterly.

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